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Sroka Air V1 Inflatable Wing Foil Pack


Sroka Inflatable Wing Foil Pack – Air Inflatable Board 5’3, 6′ or 6’4Wing in 5mS-Foil 1750.

Delivery 1 to 3 working days in metropolitan France if the product is in stock.

Whether you are a beginner or a wingfoil pro, you are looking for high-performance, durable and scalable equipment. For those who need space and travel without worrying about it, we have combined all the qualities of a top-of-the-range wingfoil pack with your desires for freedom. We have made every effort to offer you a board capable of offering you maximum sensations. Thanks to its carbon plate covered with a protective layer of high-quality PVC, the Sroka Air is unrivalled in its rigidity.

We offer several sizes of boards adapted to your size and level in these packs. They have a standard US dual rail housing.

If you have any questions about which Wing Foil Pack to choose, take the time to read our article “ How to choose your wingfoil pack ” to help you make the right choice.

Discover here the new 2022 version of the inflatable pack with the new V2 boards and the new V3 wing, available for 2050

Included in the pack

  • An inflatable SROKA AIR foil board
  • The Wing Sroka V3 size 5m, its bag made of recycled materials and its repair kit
  • An S-Foil with its Classic 1750 front wing, its carrying case and all its screws
  • A protection for your board box to be glued to the frame of your foil
  • Wing Leash & Board Leash – FREE
  • A pump (to inflate the board and wing) – FREE
  • By buying as a pack rather than individually, you have a 13% discount on the price of each of the elements compared to a purchase in spare parts.

The Sroka air inflatable board

Total freedom, on and off the water

Exceptionally easy to access and set up, our Inflatable Foil Boards get carried away everywhere. Revolutionize your practice by discovering unknown spots in comfort. Your freedom fits in a simple backpack. We have refused to sacrifice your sensations and put all our know-how to work to make your experience as perfect as possible, allowing you to practice anywhere, in all conditions and without ever worrying about it.

Foolproof construction

We refuse to sacrifice the feeling of foiling for the sake of ergonomics. On the inflatable, the PVCs are those used for professional semi-rigid boats. This part, just as much as the carbon plate under your supports, is a guarantee of performance and durability for your board.  The carbon plate, which also solidifies the case, is covered with a layer of PVC to prevent it from heating up in the sun and taking shocks.

Jeff Mittnacht tests the wingfoil pack (video in Spanish, subtitles available).

Which foil board is right for you?

The Sroka Air 6’4 promises fast take-off and stability for larger riders. Its shape is easy to access (6’4×29″x6″ – 8kg). Its volume of 155L Allows you to focus solely on your sensations and the pleasure of flying. Its rocker allows you to easily recover if the board comes into contact with the water. As a family, it will be transformed into a perfectly safe SUP for children!

If you’re looking for a board that’s scalable but not punishing, the Sroka Air 6′ is the board for you. Its volume of 144L is harmoniously distributed over a shape of  intermediate dimensions (6’x28 “x6 ” – 7.8kg). It will also be perfectly adapted for the most important people who are not beginners and who want a suitable board.

Adventurers addicted to foiling will find in the 5’3 the all-purpose board, capable of making them fly on all spots. It is possible to pump, take off in the light, surf and everything else you dream of with this model whose super efficient shape (5’3×29 “x6 – 7Kg – 115L)  is accessible to the lightest beginners (70Kg and less).

2021 S-Foil and its Classic front wing size 1750

(visual available in augmented reality on your phone: click on the icon at the bottom right to project the foil into your environment!)

The new S-Foil The 2021 model evolves to perfect its rigidity, performance, durability and lightness. You can interchange all its parts, to adapt it to your desires. We’ve selected the best, most versatile combo to equip you. The S-Foil and its 1750 (XL) carbon fin, its worked profile and its versatile mid-aspect ratio (to learn more about aspect ratio, here is our article on the subject) will make you fly very fast while offering impressive light performance for advanced practitioners. This choice will be an essential part of your Wingfoil quiver, whatever your level. Afterwards, you will be able to customize your foil with elements including Adjustment shims, several sizes of mast, fuselage and fins compatible to evolve according to your needs.

The Wing Sroka 5m² V4

In Action

In detail

The Wing Sroka offers a new design, an innovative cut, a shape tailored for performance. No need to over-canvas, it will make you take off in the light wind without any effort with its taut drop spinnaker. Freestyle, pumping, beginner or treat yourself to long speed tacks and always enjoy the pleasure of flying in foil; this Wing only needs you to make it fly. Its wingspan has been lengthened to provide more stability and better flow. Its rigidity boosts your pumping performance. Lightweight, it saves your stamina, and its wide and comfortable 37cm long handles allow you free placement.

Buyer's Guide