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Sroka S-Foil Stabilizers


Sroka S-Foil Stabilizers

Our range of stabilizers for S-Foil Sroka allows you to rediscover your foil. From expert to beginner, from wingfoiler to surfer, all foil sports and levels have been taken into account in the development of this range. Our stabilizers offer magical gliding sensations and allow you to reveal the full potential of your S-Foil. Perfectly compatible with all fuselages, they are interchangeable to allow you to fully customize your S-Foil. Find out more about the 300, HA 240 and HA 180 stabilizers.

How to choose your foil stabilizer ?

Stabilizer 300

The standard stabilizer for the S-Foil Sroka. It allows you to practice wingfoil, surf foil, SUP foil and wake foil. It is the ideal stabilizer to do everything without taking the head.

Very soft at takeoff, it is totally forgotten under the feet once in flight with its fine glide and its healthy support.

With its intermediate ratio aspect, it offers an excellent compromise between maneuverability and pumping. Without blocking you on a rail in the surf, it forgives mistakes in the curves, gives back power under the back foot when pumping and maneuvers smoothly. In a straight line, its super healthy behavior allows you to push hard to gain speed.

Ideal with :

– The entire Classic range

– HA 1190 L and 1390 L in surf, downwind and pumping

stabilizer 300 Sroka

Stabilizer 240

The 240 stabilizer unleashes your foil. Its profile is more incisive and thinner than the 300’s and increases your glide tenfold, at the expense of low-end lift.

Its mid-range aspect ratio, coupled with its speed-oriented profile, gives it unparalleled maneuverability that will please all surfers looking for aggressive turns. With the ultra-short 56cm fuselage, it becomes possible to perform maneuvers in a flash.

It is also the ideal stabilizer for those who want to gain in maneuverability and glide in wingfoil, SUP foil, downwind while keeping versatility. It allows you to unleash the entire Classic range.

Ideal with :

– All the High Aspect range

– The 1250 Classic in surf and wingfoil

stabilizer 240 Sroka

Stabilizer 180

The 180 stabilizer makes no concessions. The speed and the glide are crazy, nothing holds the foil back anymore. Whether in wingfoil, surf foil in big air or even in kite foil and windfoil, its profile offers a very high VMax and superb accelerations, where even the 240 would reach saturation.

Its very high aspect ratio allows it to keep its bluffing pumping capacities despite its small surface. With the same wingspan as the 240 stabilizer, it remains very maneuverable and lively in even the tightest of curves. It is intended for the most determined riders who want maximum speed and performance from their foil and reveals its full character at high speed.

Ideal with :

– The HA 1190 S, HA 1190 L, HA 950 S , HA 1350 L


stabilizer 180 Sroka

Construction and dimensions

All of our stabilizers are constructed from the finest pre-preg 3K carbon. The carbon is coated with a protective varnish that increases the life span of your fins and maximizes the glide. The 300 and 240 stabilizers have an ultra dense Airex foam core, to save maximum weight while maintaining perfect rigidity. The machining offers impeccable interlocking between the fuselage and the carbon part. The whole offers an impeccable hydrodynamic profile, an excellent rigidity with the M8 screws and high quality finishes.

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