SKY RIDER 6’3 – Wing Foil, SUP Foil, Windfoil


SUP Foil – Wing Foil SKY RIDER 6’3 : Accessibility, versatility and performance, MADE IN FRANCE

The foil board SKY RIDER 6’3 x 29″ has been developed to make it easier for anyone who wants to get started in Foil to progress in the following disciplines: SUP Foilon long soft waves or in Downwind, Wing Foil from 10 knots of wind or Windfoilfrom only 8 knots and finally Wake Foilwhen towed behind a boat by starting directly standing on the board. This is THE board that allows you to easily start Foil and change discipline with the same material.

Available in two types of 100% French manufacture: Full Carbon Sandwich or Full Fibreglass Sandwich (+1kg) for a top-of-the-range quality / durability that only French know-how can offer.
This is THE board to start and progress in Wing Foil and SUP Foil : SKY RIDER 6’3 x 29″.

How are Wing Foil boards made? Knowing everything there is to know about the construction of Wingfoil boards is fundamental to making the right choice. Construction determines the durability, responsiveness and strength of your board. We produce the boards in France to ensure the longest possible lifespan of the boards. It is a guarantee of quality to bring you the best service. What’s more, we are reducing our carbon footprint and making Breton industry work.

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