SUP for All (reduced mobility) 9’9


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Stand Up Paddle Board for people with reduced mobility.

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We are delighted to announce the addition to our range of an accessible inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for people with reduced mobility. We worked with two champions, Christophe Martin and Christophe Ballois, to develop an SUP board which allows even those with reduced mobility to experience the fun of SUP boarding, and to take up the sport.This SUP board was designed to be used standing or seated, and in waves or on flat water. Its exceptional stability is a bonus for first-time boarders. 

Have no doubt, this board is perfectly suited to all other users too.  It’s ideal if you’re seeking a versatile board to help you discover all the fun of board sports.Sroka aims to make its sports accessible to as many people as possible. For all our teams, developing products like these is a huge source of motivation as they are keen to help broaden access to the board sports we love so much.Why choose Sroka products, click here


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