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Superfly 4’2 – 5’3 – Elite Range

Superfly: Wing and surf performance.


All sizes are in stock

Redesigned Shape for Maximum Performance

The material is often blamed for the lack of progress. We have designed the Elite range in harmony with Foil Elite for demanding riders who are looking for performance, lightness and responsiveness. This range has been completely redesigned for performance, and we are proud to maintain our Made in France board: the Fast Flyer 4’6. However, this new range makes it possible to be even more demanding.

It is important to note that the board plays a crucial role in optimizing the performance of a high-performance foil. Thus, a steep carbon sandwich board, light and responsive brings a real gain in maneuverability and responsiveness to your foil. That’s why we’ve created the new 2024 Superfly range to meet all your most extreme demands

Wing foil Freestyle wave Superfly

Reduced Smudges for More Maneuverability

We’ve reduced the burl and width of the boards to make the board more maneuverable, light and responsive underfoot, while reducing drag for crisp and pronounced acceleration. The reduction of burls helps to maintain excellent stability while reducing the board width.

Volume Refocusing for Early Takeoff

We have refocused the maximum volume of the board at the level of the rider’s center of gravity and the center of thrust of the foil, thus allowing for an earlier take-off on the water. Even for experienced 75kg riders, a 4’6 board with 38 liters of volume can take off with ease from 17 knots of wind.

The deck is slightly hollowed out to lower the center of gravity on the water and provide more stability.

Aris avec son foil en carbone
Wing foil Freestyle wave Superfly

Flat Hull for Early Departure

The flat hull of the board with a slight double concave at the front makes it easy to start and touch and allows for quick acceleration with little effort. This hull maximizes acceleration for a low-effort take-off.

Combined with a refocused volume, you will have one of the earliest boards on the market. (comparison at the same size and volume).

Cuts Out for reduced drag.

Cut-outs at the back of the board also contribute to exceptional acceleration and a lightning-fast start. In addition, when you pump, it allows you to reduce the surface area in contact with the water and thus reduce drag.

Shape & Construction

To guarantee the longevity of our products over time, we have chosen a high-quality construction.

  • PVC & Carbon Full Sandwich : The board is constructed as a full sandwich with 3mm PVC all over the deck and hull, wrapped in 3 layers of carbon on the rails for maximum rigidity.
  • 3 layers of carbons on the rails.
  • Reinforced Strap Inserts : All strap inserts are securely bonded into PVC blocks for unmatched rigidity and strength.
  • Reinforced US Rails : The US rails are bonded into PVC blocks that extend all the way to the deck, eliminating polystyrene under the housings for increased strength when jumping.
  • Flat hull with a constant curve and a double concave in front for a quick and efficient take-off.
  • Maximizing the volume in the center of the board for the most useful volume.
  • The 50 strap inserts allow a complete customization of their position according to the practice (the position of the straps is different in kitefoil and wakefoil or surffoil).
  • Cover Included : All of our boards come with a cover that has 10mm thick foam to protect your precious gear.


With the Superfly 4’2 to 5’0 board, experience the pinnacle of the wing foil and surf foil experience, where every aspect of this board is designed with you in mind Deliver unmatched benefits in performance, comfort, control and durability. A perfect board for anyone who wants to surf foil and wingfoil. It is part of the Elite Range. The perfect combo with the Elite or Solo carbon foil .

Wing foil

Increased manoeuvrability thanks to the Full Sandwich Carbon construction and the optimal volume distribution offering a perfect balance. By combining comfort and stability, the Superflyer becomes a natural extension of your body and the foil, giving you full control over your foil. Rediscover your foil from a different angle!

Surf foil / Tow in

An optimized volume center underfoot provides maximum control, finer maneuverability, and smooth pumping. Thanks to its lightweight and responsive construction, the Superflyer propels you beyond the waves, for an unrivalled surf-foil experience

Kite foil

The Superfly is perfectly suited for kitefoil freeriding, especially with the 4’2 or 4’6.


The smaller sizes (4’2 or 4’6) work just as well in dockstart.

The Perfect Combo

The Superfly is the perfect partner for the Elite Carbon Foil. Depending on what you want to do, you can choose any carbon foils from the Control or HA range. This combo will give you stiffness, control, and responsiveness. Both of these products will give you a wingfoil and surf foil experience. your limits with a perfectly matched combo

Comment choisir son Foil carbone Elite SROKA avec un mât de 14mm d'épaisseur construit en 100% haut module M40J

Each Superfly comes with a protective cover reinforced with 10mm thick foam. Air vent to ventilate your board, inner pocket and handle and high-end carrying strap. This cover will perfectly protect your board whatever the trip.

  • 10 mm thick protection
  • Possibility to leave your foil mounted
  • Ventilation of the inside of the cover
  • Inside pocket
  • Very comfortable carrying handle.
  • Carrying strap
Housse de planche de foil gamme élite sroka. Housse de wingfoil, housse de surf foil, housse de kitefoil

Our Commitment

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x Kitesurfing World Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each of the products is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort and durable over time.

Being concerned about our environmental impact, we make it a point of honor to develop boards with a maximized lifespan that will limit the use of new resources.

Since the launch of the company in 2013, we have been developing products that are sustainable over time in order to extend the life of our products and limit our impact on nature as much as possible. From this objective comes a very precise set of specifications to use the most resistant materials that guarantee a long life for our products. Whatever your level, it’s Superflyer will amaze you with performance, responsiveness, lightness and durability.

Producing better to produce less and thus limiting the waste of natural resources is one of the goals of the SROKA brand.

SROKA’s guarantee of quality

Our goal is to offer you an exceptional paddle board with:

  • An affordable price for a top-of-the-range board
  • A unique design that will allow you to amaze everyone on the spot.
  • Solidity that can be foolproof, even when sending front loops.
  • A protective cover protecting your beautiful board
  • Two-year warranty on the board

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x Kitesurfing World Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each of the products is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort and durable over time.


Don’t overestimate yourself. Surf foil is a technical sport that requires a lot of experience. So adapt the size of the board to your actual level. If you take a board that is too small, you will slow down your progress.

Choosing the board size for the Surffoil

Novice Size Scrambled Expert
4’2 <35 <55 <75
4’6 <70 <85 <95
4’8 <85 <90 >95
5’0 <90 <95 >100
5’1 <95 <100 <105
5’1 <95 <100 <105
5’2 <95 <100 >105
5’3 <95 <100 <>105

This range of boards is not for beginners. It is therefore important not to overestimate yourself in relation to your technical level.

For example, for a size of 80 kg with a good level, it is possible to fly in 4’6 to 17 knots of wind.

Choice of board size for Wing foil

Novice Size Scrambled Expert
4’2 <55 <70
4’6 <65 <80
4’8 <35 <60 <90
5’0 <45 <70 <95
5’1 <55 <75 <95
5’2 <65 <75 <100
5’3 <70 <80 <105

This range of boards is not for beginners. However, if you are very light, you can go for the 4’8 to 5’3.

If you want to practice both disciplines. We advise you to optimize the wing foil if you are in a place where there is more wind than waves. So a board with a little more volume will allow you to wing more easily. As the board is light, stiff and compact in surfoil you will have an excellent feel.

If you live in an area where there is more wind than waves and you are going to spend 80% in surf foiling. Then optimize this discipline.

Superfly boards are designed for experienced riders who are looking for responsiveness. If you are just starting out, we advise you to choose another range of boards that are more suited to your level (the Sky Rider).

The 6′ and 6’4 (144 and 155L) inflatable boards are ideal for beginners. Those who want a performance board to take anywhere on a trip will turn to the 5’3 (120L).

However, if you have a small frame (less than 40 kg), you can opt for the Superfly 5’0, which will offer you a good compromise between stability and performance.

To start wing foiling, you need a board with volume and above all not to overestimate yourself. For those weighing less than 70kg, it is possible to go with the 5’5 or 5’4 Sky Rider 90L. From 70 to 80, 5’7 or 5’8. Otherwise 6’0 or 6’3.

Choose a board that is sturdy. We manufacture full sandwich PVC hull deck boards, the best construction on the market.

Yes. All Sroka wing foil boards come with a two-year warranty.

For this range, we use the best materials and the best construction on the market (full sandwich PVC carbon hull deck with 3 layers of carbon on the rails) not to make disposable products, but durable and very efficient.

The Superfly range can be adapted to beginners if you are a kid or very light. We do not recommend these sizes of boards to start wingfoiling.

You have to choose a board adapted to your size and level (with or us a level in board sports).

Especially when you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t overestimate yourself at the risk of not being able to progress. You don’t have to go below the Sky Rider 5’4 or 5’5 and its 90L to start. The Sky Rider 5’7 or 5’8 (105L) models are perfect for a 70 to 95 kg build. Beyond or if you don’t have experience in board sports, we recommend the 6’0 or 6’3.

You can opt for the Air 6′ and 6’4 inflatable models which will be perfect for beginners for most sizes, from 70Kg and more. Another criterion in the choice of the board is the quality of the construction and materials. The build quality determines whether your board is going to last more than one season or not and whether it will really perform. We build our boards in full sandwich PVC carbon or fiberglass, it’s the best there is. Check out our video on how to build wingfoil boards here.

To practice wing foil, you need a board, a foil and a wing. In addition, there is a board leash and a wing leash which are essential accessories for the practice. You need to add a pump to inflate the wing (or inflatable board). We advise you to wear a long wetsuit and booties to protect your legs and feet from the foil. Don’t forget about safety equipment!

If you want to manage your wing foil waterstart, discover the right equipment.

We advise you to rinse your equipment well with clean water and not to store it outside or in very hot, very cold or very humid places. Do not open the decompression screw on superfly. It’s a goretex valve. So there’s no need to touch it. But common sense prevails. Like you wouldn’t leave your phone in direct sunlight in the car. The same goes for your board. The temperature rises to over 75°C in a car in direct sunlight. To make a material last a long time, maintain it and avoid causing it to suffer from major shocks or high temperatures.

Allow 24 hours for the preparation of the order and one to three working days for the delivery of the package in metropolitan France.

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