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Surf Foil 4’6 Fast Flyer


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The Fast Flyer 4’6: the epitome of versatility and performance

We always start from your needs to design our products. If you want to be able to go from Wing Foil at a good level to surf foil and kitefoil with a single board, but also have something to have fun in dockstart and wake foil, the Fast Flyer 4’6 will accompany you everywhere. This 4’6 (142cm) long by 21″ 1/2 (55cm) wide board with a volume of 38 L will fully satisfy all surfers wishing to learn or take it to the next level by Foil. Its extreme versatility does not sacrifice the quality of its shape, construction or performance in the different disciplines it allows you to explore. The Fast Flyer 4’6 benefits from an exceptional and unique know-how. From its design by shaper J.B. Marchand to its construction in our Morbihan factory and its test phase on our coasts, your board is 100% French and Breton.

If you still have doubts about which foil board you need, we have prepared an article on this topic. The Fast Flyer 4’6 is also available as a complete wing foil pack on our website ! The community will also be happy to discuss it on the Sroka Session group, do not hesitate to share your most beautiful moments in the group.

Weight: 4.7kg

Caractéristiques techniques des ailes et planches de foil Sroka

The Fast Flyer 4'6: an unrivalled flying experience

A shape aimed at performance

The compact and rounded shape combined with sufficient volume makes it easy to set off on all waves, even those that have not yet broken for those who have a good paddle stroke. Once in the air, the lightness and ideal positioning of the case allow for an unrivalled flying experience: a lot of control in curves, excellent responsiveness to pumping to accelerate. The burls erase contact with the water, to maintain speed and control during touchdown, like the double concave of the hull. The concave bridge makes your footing more precise, improves your stability and refocuses you on your feelings.

Le Foil High Aspect Sroka Company

A foil board to do it all

Thanks to its fully optimized shape to offer you incredible flying sensations, the Fast Flyer will allow you to shine in several disciplines with its versatility. In Surf Foil, it will be easy to access, pleasant to pump with a chunky shape, without being excessive to allow you to go for aggressive bottoms. It will offer you beautiful moments of freeride kitefoil. In Wingsurfing, it will allow you to send jumps, jibes and surfs without any concessions. The Fast Flyer 4’6 will also offer you unforgettable Wake Foil sessions!

fast flyer 4'6 v2

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x Kitesurfing World Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each of the products is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort and durable over time.

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