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Surf Foil Pack: Fast Flyer 4’6 + S Foil


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Complete Surf Foil Pack “Fast Flyer” and “S-Foil”

This surf foil pack combines the versatility of the S-Foil and the perfect balance of the shape of the brand new Fast Flyer to give you the best possible level of performance. This ready-to-ride set will perfectly suit riders wishing to evolve towards a more efficient practice of foiling and will accompany the foiler throughout its progression. The “Fast Flyer” pack is not just a simple surf foil pack. It is also a multi-support pack that will allow you to practice wing foil, kite foil or wake foil in addition to surf foil.

Made in Brittany, this board is made of Full Sandwich fiberglass construction. This lightweight and above all hyper-resistant construction makes the Fast Flyer a very durable board. As proof, our old models such as the 152, from the same workshop, are still on the water… 7 years later.

Pack surf foil "FAST FLYER"

The shape of the Fast Flyer has been designed to allow you to start very early, even in the softest waves. Its double concave and sharp rails provide increased paddling power to this board. The other advantage of the double concave is that it will allow you to take off again even if you touch the surface of the water when pumping, during the take off or during a transition between two waves. This design prevents the board from “sticking” to the surface of the water. The deck is slightly hollowed out to provide comfort of placement, ease of carving and hold.

The Fast Flyer has a total volume of 40L which will give you enough flotation to leave early. The distribution of volumes has been thought out to provide an optimal balance when the board is in the air.

The board also has inserts for footstraps. They will allow you to practice a more aerial surf or Use your pack to wing foil or Kite Foil ! The perfectly distributed volumes of this board also allow you to leave surprisingly early in wing, the board comes out of the water very quickly as soon as it gains speed, thus allowing it to leave for planning very quickly.

Board made in Brittany

fast flyer 4'6 v2

Hadou tests the Fast Flyer and the HA 1190 speed and lift in wingfoil and surfoil

SUP Passion tests the HA 1190 in wingfoil

A Wing Foil Adapted Pack

If you’re already a wing foiler or experienced foiler, this pack is the perfect stand for some fun in Wing Foil and take advantage of all the potential that this new medium has to bring. Whether in relatively light winds of 15 knots or more stormy conditions of 25 knots and more, the ” Fast Flyer ” pack is ideal for going Wing Foiler in the waves, making Big Jumps or even do some Freestyle on the flat. Having a board that is shorter and lighter than a SUP foil underfoot is also a significant asset if you want to have fun in the bumps of the open sea and make yourself some racing runs. Endless downwinds. The feeling of flight is increased tenfold and you can even carve the swell from the open sea. In short, the possibilities are almost limitless, all you have to do is discover them!

We also offer a ” Fast flyer ” Wing Foil pack for those who also want to equip themselves with a Wing and are looking for a multi-support pack!

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x Kitesurfing World Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each of the products is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort and durable over time.

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