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SROKA footstraps and pads have been designed to give maximum comfort when sailing. The SROKA footpads are one of the most comfortable on the market with their absorbent foam that keeps shape retention. Asymmetrical, it adapts to both feet. The adjustment strap allows an ideal fit and a good hold of the whole for maximum responsiveness of your board.

The set of footstraps and pads can be used in all types of twin-tip sailing, from freestyle to freeride and on all our models.

• The unique Velcro strap provides a secure attachment and a dynamic foot position.
• Dual-density pads designed for smooth and comfortable sailing while providing exceptional grip
• Custom stanza with three duck adjustment positions (opening angle)
• Standard mounting with 6-inch gap between inserts
• M6x16mm stainless steel screws included

• 3D molded density trip pads

• Neoprene nylon straps

• 15 centre distance with different adjustment positions

• Screws included

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