Twin tip SROKA 140 X43


SROKA TWIN TIP 140×43 is a versatile, high-performance twin-tip board, with a wooden core and ABS rails. We’re proud to introduce to the market a high-quality board, made in France, and reasonably priced. With its graceful curves, Sroka’s Twin Tip achieves the perfect balance between accessibility, versatility, progression, and performance. We wanted to produce a board that suits everyone while allowing unlimited progression to the highest level. The Twin Tip has no limits except your own.

With its relatively straight outline, the board holds its course well, and the grip is good too. The Twin Tip’s wooden core provides flex, giving outstanding cushioning on jump landings and on choppy waters. The four channels in its underside give this board the kind of acceleration you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Try the Sroka TT once, and you’ll be hooked. Available for testing in stores soon.

There are three positions to adjust your stance. With its wooden core and four channels, the Twin Tip provides excellent pop and a comfortable ride. Multi-inserts enable you to adjust your stance.

Large size

Made in France.

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This Twin tip are easy and very good performance. Fast and strong, this baord will be the best deal for all the kitesurf from beginner to expert.

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