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Vario 100% carbon paddle, 2 parts


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One of the lightest, strongest and most affordable on the market. The 100% carbon adjustable paddle is a very responsive and light paddle paddle . Composed of 100% carbon 12K on the blade with a 100% carbon 3K shaft, this paddle is an ultimate weapon to overtake all your competitors. Its lightness and responsiveness will give you ease and ease in the row. Its small blade will allow you to have a very efficient performance. Matching the colors of your paddle, this paddle is a jewel not to be put in everyone’s hands. You will be able to adjust the height as you wish. This 100% carbon paddle is adjustable from 175 to 216 cm long and its blade measures 18 cm. In addition, the dimensions of the blades are 18.5 cm wide and 46.5 cm long.

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