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Wake Foil Pack: Pocket 2023 + S-foil


The pack includes:

  • an inflation pump
  • A 3-piece paddle that can be dismantled and adjusted
  • a leash
  • 1 slide fin
  • Adjustable carry bag
  • a small repair and maintenance kit

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“The best combo to excel in wake-foiling”

The pack includes the 2023 Pocket board, designed to offer unparalleled agility , as well as an S-Foil 1190 Lift or 1350 Lift. If you are looking for the ideal foil for wake-foiling, while offering exceptional performance in other disciplines such as wing-foil or surf-foil, this is the pack for you.

Pocket 2023 : Its ultra-stiff construction and compact size gives the impression of being one with the foil, giving it exceptional responsiveness. The whole thing reacts exactly as you expect it to and it’s exhilarating!

S-Foil 1190 and 1350 Lift : These high aspect ratio wings will allow you to glide without limit on any boat wave. Choose the 1350 Lift for taller riders (+85 kg) and to ride in the 2nd to 4th wave of the boat and the 1190 Lift for lighter riders or to be closest to the boat in the deepest waves. We do not recommend using the 1190 Speed in wake surf foil as it is too fast.

The 2023 Pocket & S-Foil 1190 Lift pack in video

Pocket 2023

"With straps, the pocket becomes a real skateboard and allows much more technical maneuvers, more sustained turns and facilitates rotations" Gabriel Bachelet

The 2023 Pocket is the perfect board for wake-foiling. Ultra-rigid, it allows excellent responsiveness. You are one with the foil and you are in control of everything you do.

Full description here.

Shape & Construction

  • Full sandwich PVC fiberglass construction, the strongest construction on the market.
  • Long US rails for maximum adjustability according to your foil and preferences.
  • Stretched outline for maximum glide.
  • Rocker perfectly designed to give the best compromise between aerodynamics at high speed and reaction to the touchdowns. 
  • The 55 strap inserts allow you to adapt the position of the straps according to the practice (the position of the straps is different in kitefoil than in wakefoil or surffoil).
  • Flat hull with constant curve for optimal kite-foil take-off
  • Leash Insert


Dimensions :

4′ 0x 18.5″ x 1.5″ = 122cm x 47cm x 2.54cm

Weight : 2.7 KG

Volume : 17L

1190 Lift or 1350 Lift for wake surf foil?

S-Foil 1190 Lift

The 1190 Lift is perfectly suited for wake surf foil. Its lift is ideal for the speed of boat waves. Its Lift profile will allow you to stay in flight on a small wave and you will be able to play and pump to reconnect other waves. Its refined tips give it the maneuverability to carve with precision with an incomparable feeling of control.

Recommended set-up:

  • 68 fuselage for beginners, or 62 for seasoned foilers who want maneuverability or for carving
  • Stabilizer: 300 to make sure you’re comfortable.
  • 80cm mast

We don’t recommend the Speed version of the 1190 in wake-foil because it’s too fast and you might catch up with the boat too easily.

S-Foil 1350 Lift

The 1350 Lift is perfectly suited to wake surf foils, especially for small boat waves. You’ll be able to glide over the smallest waves with ease; A wave of a small RIB is more than enough to fly without limit. Choose the 1350 Lift if you weigh more than 80kg, otherwise the 1190 Lift will suffice. Either way, you won’t make a bad choice.

Recommended set-up:

  • 68 fuselage for beginners, or 62 for seasoned foilers who want maneuverability or for carving
  • Stabilizer: 300 for to make sure you’re comfortable. 240 for more manoeuvrability.
  • 80cm mast

It is not necessary to have a boat specifically designed for wake-foiling, a simple wave of classic motorboat is enough for light builds. Above about 80kg, choose the 1350 Lift. 

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