Wake Foil Pack : Pocket 2023 + S-foil

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Taille de mât

“The best combo to excel in wake-foiling”

The pack includes the Pocket 2023 board, designed to offer unparalleled agility, as well as an S-Foil 1190 Lift or 1350 Lift. If you are looking for the ideal foil for wake-foiling, while offering exceptional performance in other disciplines such as wing-foiling or surf-foiling, this pack is made for you. .

Pocket 2023: Its ultra-rigid construction and compact size give the impression of being one with the foil, which gives it exceptional responsiveness. The set reacts exactly as expected and it’s exhilarating!

S-Foil 1190 and 1350 Lift: These high aspect ratio wings will allow you to glide without limit on any boat wave. Prefer the 1350 Lift for large riders (+85 kg) and to ride the 2nd to 4th waves of the boat and the 1190 Lift for lighter riders or for be closest to the boat in the deepest waves. We do not recommend using the 1190 Speed as a wake surf foil as it is too fast.

The Pocket 2023 & S-Foil 1190 Lift pack in video