Adjustment wedges for S-Foil 2021


Adjustment wedges for S-Foil 2021

This set of 3 adjustment wedges made by 3D printer in our workshop in Brest will allow you to adjust the angle of incidence of your stabilizer and to adapt your foil to your sailing style. These wedges are designed for experienced players who want to improve their skills: we recommend that you keep the factory adjustment of your foil to start with.

Each wedge has an angle: -0.5°; -1° and -2°. We recommend that you do not exceed 3°. You can use these wedges for all foil disciplines. Here are some adjustment ideas:

  • For a super light kitefoil session with the 1250 Classic, -3 degrees is the best option.
  • In Wingfoil with the S-Foil whatever the wing, you will gain in speed with an adjustment between -1 and -3°, but lose in lift.
  • In Windfoil, -3° will make you accelerate in a very pronounced way.

Depending on your weight, your wing and especially on your feeling and your desires, each adjustment is unique. We invite you to put your experience first.

With this set of wedges, you can adjust from -0.5° , -1° , -1.5° , -2° , -2.5° and -3°. These wedges are compatible with the S-Foil 2021, not 2020.

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