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Wing set HA 950 Speed + stab 240


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Performance foil set for HA 950 S and Stab 240 front wing

The most capable foil wing combo in the range. The High Aspect 950 Speed front wing and its High Aspect 240 stabilizer work in perfect harmony to shatter your speed records, with incredible glide. This discounted kite set is designed for experienced wing foil and surf foil practitioners. We have worked on the profiles with extreme care to offer you a take-off from 15 knots of wind for a size of 80 Kg, a very healthy behavior for absolute control at high speed, all with unparalleled performance.

In surf foil, this set of foil wings offers amazing pumping thanks to its great aspect ratio. The very healthy handling and the unprecedented work on the profile allow an early start in flight while unbridling the speed of the foil to surf fast and powerful waves. This combo accentuates the maneuverability of your foil.

In wing foil, you benefit from an incredible top speed. However, take-off is easy in average wind conditions. The resulting gliding sensation is unique.

Ideal for wing foil (advanced), kite foil, wind foil, surf foil (advanced level, big waves, powerful swell, towed).

Recommended with:

Speed / Wingfoil

The 950 HA will be your ultimate weapon to go very fast, very easy. Its high aspect ratio will give you exceptional gliding sensations in complete stability.


The 950 HA will be your downwind kite for medium to big swells. You’ll feel yourself accelerating endlessly and be able to carve with surgical precision.

Kitefoil & Windfoil

You will be able to exploit the full potential of this 950 HA in kitefoil and windfoil. You’ll go very fast, very easily while staying in control.

High Aspect 950 Speed

The HA 950 Speed front wing will give you phenomenal glide, insane acceleration and an early start in flight.

To achieve such good performance while maintaining accessibility, we pushed back the knowledge of the foils’ profiles. With a size of 80Kg, you will be able to take off as soon as possible. 15 knots with the Sroka 5m2 wing and the Sky Rider 5’2 board. All that’s left to do is discover its Vmax… and its only limit will be yours.

, the HA 950 Speed is a front wing with a high aspect ratio that is essential for
as well as
surf foil
for experienced practitioners. It will allow you to follow the
Fastest waves
caper efficiently
. Its high aspect ratio allows for a
Amazing pumping
despite its surface.

Like all our wings, the High Aspect 950 Speed offers you perfect precision in the curves

thanks to a super healthy and rigid

assembly. Whatever your speed, you will have the feeling of strong support,
without stalling

Ideal for wing foil (advanced), kite foil, wind foil, surf foil (advanced level, big waves, powerful swell, towed).

Recommended with:

Stabilizer 240

Want to unbridle your foil? Don’t forget to change your stabilizer. 

By definition, the stabilizer is there to stabilize the entire foil. Reduce your stabilizer to unbridle your foil and gain speed, maneuverability, and decrease  pressure on the front leg at high speeds. This stabilizer is made of Prepreg carbon, it  is built in  100% carbon to have maximum rigidity and strength.

We spent some time adjusting the stabilizer. For a size of 80 kg, it’s plug and play, you don’t need to adjust your stab 240, it’s perfectly adjusted for the 950 and the 1190, 1250, 1500 and 1750.

Rediscover your foil with smaller stabilizer! 

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