Wing set HA 950 Speed + stab 240


Performance foil front wing set HA 950 and Stab 240

The most powerful foil combo in the range. The High Aspect 950 Speed front wing and its High Aspect 240 stabilizer work in perfect harmony to smash your speed records, with incredible glide. This low cost kite set is designed for the advanced wing foil and surf foil rider. We have worked on the profiles with extreme care to offer you a launch from 15 knots of wind for a size of 80 kg, a hyper healthy behaviour for an absolute control at high speed, all with unequalled performances.

In foil surfing, this set of foil wings offers amazing pumping thanks to its high aspect ratio. The very healthy behaviour and the new profile work allow an early start in flight while unleashing the speed of the foil to surf fast and powerful waves. This combo enhances the handling of your foil.

In a wing foil, you get an amazing top speed. Yet, you can take off without difficulty in average wind conditions. The resulting gliding sensation is unique.

Ideal for wing foil (advanced), kite foil, wind foil, surf foil (advanced, big waves, powerful swell, towed).

Recommended with :

  • Fuselage 61cm (manoeuvrable configuration) or Standard Fuselage 68cm (speed configuration)
  • 70/80cm mast in surf foil – 80/90cm mast in wing foil
  • Sky Rider 4’8 – Sky Rider 5’5 – Fast Flyer 4’6
Foil Hight Aspect Ratio 950

Aile High Aspect 950 Speed

The new High Aspect 950 wing benefits from the best advances in hydrofoil design. The aim is to give you unlimited top speed without it being technically unattainable.

The high aspect ratio allows for super efficient pumping. Without going overboard for marketing purposes, to avoid being stuck on a rail and to take full advantage of excellent surf handling.

The profile is totally dedicated to speed and pure riding sensation, with a low relative thickness and crazy acceleration. The tips are refined to generate as little turbulent flow as possible at high speeds without the need for a winglet. The main beam has a larger chord than the tips and specific work to improve the flow: it offers an early start in flight and tolerance in the soft air without reducing VMax or feel. Once launched, this wing will not let anything stop you.

The result is an absolutely unique gliding sensation, with an ultra sound behaviour that gives you the confidence to go beyond your limits and open up all the spots.

100% compatible with your Sroka S-Foil and all available components in the range. Constructed from the finest pre-preg 3K carbon.

Stabilizer 240

You want to unjam your foil? Don’t forget to change your stabilizer.

By definition, the stabilizer is there to stabilize the whole foil. Reduce your stabilizer to debride your foil and gain speed, handling, and reduce pressure on the front leg at high speed. This stabilizer is made of Prepreg carbon, it is constructed of 100% carbon for maximum stiffness and strength.

We spent some time tuning the stabilizer. For an 80 kg weight, it’s plug and play, you don’t need to adjust your 240 stab, it’s perfectly adjusted for the 950 and the 1190, 1250, 1500 and 1750.

Rediscover your foil with a smaller stabilizer!

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x World Kitesurfing Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each product is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort, and durable over time.

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