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The new Wing V4 SROKA is the culmination of the three previous versions and feedback from all our customers. The goal has been to keep the best of V3 and evolve the V4 according to your needs. Pretty but not only, it will bring you absolute control, an incredible ease in freesurfing and significantly improved performance that would make more than one person swoon.

With the Wing V4 SROKA

  • Quality backpack, with shoulder straps and elastic fasteners to reduce the size of the bag when traveling or in the trunk
  • A comfortable and super strong leash for maximum safety
  • Pump adapter compatible with the vast majority of pumps on the market.
  • Repair kite with self-adhesive patches

Stock in Brittany

220+ positive reviews

Returns & Exchanges possible

Secure payment in instalments

Advice / Questions at +33 2 98 32 53 69

Wing V4 SROKA, wave riding
La Wing V4 SROKA est une wing Free ride par excellence

Technical developments of the Wing V4 SROKA:

We have kept the elements that made the success of the previous wing, such as stability, solidity and freefly performance thanks to a perfect balance. In addition, we’ve made significant improvements to V4 by listening to your players to meet your expectations.

  • We reduced the wingspan by more than 25 cm to prevent the ends from touching the water. This allows for smoother and easier navigation on rough water with a lot of choppy water. This change will greatly improve the way for smaller riders to navigate, providing them with a more enjoyable and comfortable boating experience. The reduced wingspan also brings increased maneuverability to the wing, making maneuvers easier to make them smoother.
  • We’ve improved the orientation and distribution of the panels to better maintain the hollow and improve the stability of the profile. For your safety, we’ve also added windows for safer navigation on congested bodies of water and/or in competition race mode.
  • The tension from fall has summer again Improved for


    p efficiency

    Increased umping




    the wind light. Leave early not Will more difficult with this Wing V4 SROKA.

  • Finally



    refined the Slats on the edge from leak for reduce the weight, increase lflow aerodynamic.
  • One

    of the




    from you propose Long rigid handles on all the rangeTags:





    Ribs from the V3 by some Handles Rigid on the V4, that who Improves the control, the nervousness and lefficiency of the pumping and of the departure in the wind light. (later we will give you the option to put a boom if you wish)

  • In addition, we have improved and better distributed the hollow of the wing and the distribution of pressure on both hands. This allows for a more homogeneous balance between the hands. This modification will allow you to sail longer with more comfort and less effort.
  • Our new inflation valves offer better inflation accuracy and more efficient pressure management, as well as a better seal. They will also prevent you from moments of solitude when, previously, with your fingers caught in the cold, you could not unscrew the caps of your wings.
  • We have furtherimproved the constructions to make them even more sustainable over time.
  • As a result, we have
    increased the stiffness and dynamics
    of the V3 on
    the SROKA V4 Wing
    . The leading edge sections are not homogeneous along the entire length. This guarantees maximum rigidity and efficiency when leaving.

With this new SROKA Wing V4, push your limits in any discipline. Stability, Excellent Wind Penetration, Performance, Power and Ease of Use are the words that perfectly characterize the Wing V4 SROKA.

If you liked the V3, you’ll love the V4.

Main features

Scale Reduction

Reduced the wingspan by 25cm on all our wings to be more comfortable, whatever your size.


Improved stability for ultimate comfort and a profile suitable for rough conditions

Improved performance

Less wingspan, more stability, more balanced pressure on both hands. Faster and more heading.


Comfortable and stiff for maximum rigidity for better control.

Shift your hand to the back of the front handle for more power and vice versa.

Front Handle Angle

More important for improving the one-handed riding of the wing in freefly.

Center Slat

Aerodynamic profile to reduce drag and improve airfoil support.


Improved canopy tension to have more power at low rpm and go even earlier than other riders.

Power control by the attack board

The distribution of the leading edge sections maximizes stiffness in the center while allowing the ends to release power and be able to better handle power in strong winds.

Drag Reduction

Better distribution of the flange section for better wind penetration of the drive board.


Racing / Speed

More information

We have kept the elements that made the success of the previous wing, such as stability, solidity and freefly performance thanks to a perfect balance. In addition, we’ve made significant improvements to V4 by listening to practitioners, in order to meet your expectations.

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I was using a 4'5m2 Dlab. I just sold it. For less money, I get the same sensations and performance. It is perfectly controllable even in strong winds. Manoeuvrable, stable and with excellent performance, this wing is truly a killer. The windows are well positioned, the pressure in the hands is perfect.
Romain de Loisir 3000
Romain de Loisir 3000
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A big evolution of this new V4 Wing. An ultra stable and easy kite. The reduced wingspan really brings a plus as well as the rigid handles. It's a real success with excellent value for money.
Pablo (Lanzarote)