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Sroka Inflatable Wing Foil Pack – Inflatable Air Board V1 5’3, 6′ – Wing 5m V3 – S-Foil 1750

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Whether you are a beginner or a pro wingfoiler, you are looking for high performance, durable and scalable equipment. For those who need space and to travel without taking the head, we have associated all the qualities of a high-end wingfoil pack with your desires of freedom. We have done everything possible to offer you a board capable of giving you a maximum of sensations. Thanks to its carbon plate covered with a protective layer of high-end PVC, the Sroka Air is unmatched in its rigidity.

We offer several board sizes to suit your size and ability in these packs. They come with a standard US double rail.

If you have any questions about which wingfoil pack to choose, take the time to read our article “How to choose a wingfoil pack” to help you make the right choice.

5'3 (120L)
6'0 (144L)
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Sroka wing foil
Foil Hight Aspect Ratio 950

The package includes :

  • A travel bag with wheels and several handles to keep the travel easy and the gear safe
  • The Sroka inflatable board V1, its neoprene handle and repaire kit
  • A complete hydrofoil with 1750cm2 front wing, 68 cm fuselage, 80cm mast and 300cm2 back wing
  • The Sroka Wing 5m2 V3 and it’s travel bag plus repair kit
  • A travel case for the foil plus protective cover for the carbon foil parts
  • A complete screw box and tef gel
  • Ankle 9” coiled leash for the board
  • Wing leash
  • Pump (compatible with both wing and board)

Sroka Inflatable Board V1

Shape and performances

Never before has the feel of an inflatable board been so close to that of a hard board.

About the shape, we worked on the rocker of the board so that the touches are as soft as possible. The passage of the chop is like a dream. The generous outline in the main beam ensures an easy knee start. The wide tail offers an appreciable gain in stability and responds to the slightest pumping action to get you off the ground. The result is a board that is very lively underfoot once in the air and takes off immediately, in complete comfort. It only asks to slide, encourages the beginner. It rewards the expert rider on small sizes with an exhilarating nervousness and precision.

Once in the air, it’s impossible to tell the difference with a hard board with your eyes closed. The steering is super precise thanks to the carbon plate, the board responds perfectly to pumping as well as to maneuvers. The pads are grooved lengthwise for maximum grip, even for those who want to ride radically strapless. And for those who like straps, the Sroka V1 allows you to set up in a Y-shape, with two straps in the front for maximum control at high speed.

inflatblable wing foiling board made by Sroka

The best construction on the market

We use materials that are unique in the inflatable foil board market. The two layers of PVC that make up your board are sourced from the professional RIB industry. Woven with micro-filament, UV treated, thick and light, it is incredibly resistant to abrasion, impact and the harshest of conditions. Combined with a very high quality Dropstich, the whole is of an incomparable rigidity which is felt in the precision of the piloting and the feelings delivered by the board. The glues we chose are also from a professional industry with quality requirements well above average, whether in terms of longevity, resistance to temperature variations but also respect for workers and the environment.

In addition to the quality of the materials, our construction choices preserve your board. The carbon plate is entirely covered with a layer of PVC. This is the only way to effectively protect it from scratches and shocks, and to prevent the board from heating up in the sun and prematurely aging the glues.

The performance of your board is directly related to the quality of its materials, and we have chosen the best of them to build the Sroka inflatable foilboard. 

How to choose the right wingfoil pack?

If you’re looking for a board that’s progressive but not punishing, the Sroka Air 6′ is the board for you. Its 144L volume is harmoniously distributed over an intermediate sized shape (6’x28 “x5 ” – 7.8kg). It will also be perfectly suited for larger riders who are not beginners and want a board that fits.

The 5’3 is the perfect board for all foil addicts, able to fly on all spots. It is possible to pump, take off in the light, surf and everything you dream about with this model whose super efficient shape (5’3×29 “x5 – 7Kg – 115L) remains accessible to the lightest beginners.

The S-Foil

A fully customizable foil, from beginner to pro

We have designed a hyper performant and healthy base for the S-Foil. Around this base, all the elements are interchangeable and compatible. It is very easy to switch to much more radical configurations with a simple turn of the key: the S-Foil evolves with you. With three mast sizes, three fuselage sizes, multiple front wings and stabilizers available, it’s super easy to switch from one configuration to another. We offer a selection of combos designed to simplify your life and get the most out of your flying, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to customize your S-Foil!

The must-have to start and progress as far as possible for 99% of the pilots is the 1750 Classic front wing combo, 80cm mast, 68cm standard fuselage and 300cm2 stabilizer. We have designed it for you, after extensive testing and research. 

Build to last

A foolproof core

Whatever size mast or fuselage you choose, the S-Foil’s aluminum core has been designed and manufactured with a care and precision that will not leave you indifferent.

The indentations are very deep and the interlocking joints are perfect, which limits the play of the assembly, improves rigidity and strength. Rather than a doodad, we limit the weight with advanced machining. The absence of a doodad also limits the mast’s twist by taking the stresses from the entire base rather than just from the side.

The top plate has an almost round shape, without any hard angle, which greatly limits the efforts on the board box as on the top plate itself. It is doubled with a sticker which protects your case.

The 18mm thickness of the mast guarantees the best possible rigidity. No question of ventilation: we have studied its profile, its trailing edge and leading edge to ensure the best performance. The mast is hollow, to make it as light as possible.

The connection between the fuselage and the front wing requires very little maintenance, in addition to guaranteeing perfect rigidity and customization of your foil. No more vibration, oxidation problems and disassembly as with a male-female connection. The machining allows the two parts to fit perfectly, the profile is respected. At the rear, the fuselage follows the shape of the stab, while leaving room for a shim, which would also be impossible with a male-female connection.

Finally, the entire screw assembly is in 8mm diameter: less screws, more resistant, more rigid and easy to assemble and disassemble.

In the end, we have a light and almost indestructible set, made possible only by construction choices and noble materials.

Front foil for surfing and high aspect wing

The most noble materials

Without quality materials, it would be impossible to achieve a sufficiently high level of performance and quality. We have used the best. T6061 aluminum is the same material found on airliners and racing boats. Its high quality anodization protects it and increases the quality of its glide tenfold.

The carbon of the fins is pre-preg 3K. The quality of the draping and the finishing offers outstanding mechanical qualities. The protective varnish gives a very nice aspect to your wings, letting the underlying carbon work appear.

Performance, accessibility, versatility

We want to offer you the best experience. If this means the quality of the construction, it is also and above all a matter of gliding once on the water. For that, we have developed very complete, versatile and very, very high performance foils. The Classic range offers foils that are very tolerant at low speed, but capable of evolving, reaching very interesting speeds while remaining manageable. In low wind condition, they are the absolute weapon. 

The 1750 and 2000 are mainly intended for beginners in wing. With a rather thick profile, they offer a very smooth take-off. You just have to let yourself be carried along in a straight line, and you find yourself flying almost without doing anything, as if by magic. Once in the air, we chose a profile that allows you to push the foil to its limits. The 1750 has top speeds recorded at over 20 knots. All this is made possible by the quality of the profile, the work on the trailing edge, the twisted and refined tips. It is not for nothing that these wings resemble the caudal fins of dolphins, they offer similar sensations: maneuverability, versatility and speed. No need to multiply the fins; with the right development choices, we’ve made them multi-disciplined and super scalable.

Those who want a forgiving front fender, but with more maneuverability – very much appreciated in surfing – will go for the 1500 (light wing beginners) and the 1250 (intermediate riders looking for a carver wing). For those who want to evolve towards more radical practices, the High Aspect range and our smaller stabilizers will meet all expectations (compatible with the rest of the foil). 

This package is equipped with the 1750 font wing : this is the must have for virtually all the beginners and will became your favorite light wind front wing when you’ll be more experienced, with unmatched lift, super smooth glide and surf abilities. 

Sroka Wing V3

The Wing Sroka V3 combines power, comfort, stability and lightness. Its ultra-stretched spi makes you take off immediately. Once in the air, the quality of the profile, the lightness of the wing, the battens and its rigidity offer an impressive Vmax with a delightful control. At the perfect balance between surf, speed and freestyle, it combines carefully selected aspect ratio and dihedral characteristics to provide the ultimate weapon in all conditions. No need to stockpile kites in the garage, the Sroka V3 is hyper versatile and performs in 90% of the sessions, from surfing to freestyle to freeride.

Shape and build

The Wing Sroka V3 has a light dihedral shape, which allows for better Vmx and more comfort at high speed than a very pronounced dihedral. The Wing Sroka V3 accelerates endlessly while maintaining impeccable stability in the surf.

Its moderate aspect ratio prevents unwanted side roll due to low aspect ratio and offers superb handling at high speeds and excellent acceleration. The feeling of glide and lightness is magical, you explode your records and surf without realizing that you still have the wing in your hands. On the big surfaces, we have chosen a bigger Aspect Ratio to gain in the short time and for a better control in straight line. On the smaller surfaces, this ratio decreases: the 3m and 4m are more compact to be agile and send your best tricks.

The Z-shape of the bladder keeps the profile perfect and the trailing edge super tight. The tips are refined and twisted, allowing for efficient release of excess power in the gusts and reducing the impact of the hits. The whole thing is perfectly stiff, very powerful on take off and never stops accelerating in absolute comfort.

The Wing Sroka V3 is cleverly constructed with perfectly placed reinforcements to save maximum weight and excellent quality materials. The Wing V3 is therefore very stiff and dynamic. You can get out of the water immediately, even in very, very light winds, because the pumping is so effective and the wing responds well. And all this without ruining your cardio.

The angles of segmentations of the most exposed bladders are reinforced by Kevlar. The semi-rigid handles are also reinforced to withstand all possible stresses. In the end, it’s a super light (2,2 Kg for the 4m2 and 2,5Kg for the 5m2) and durable wing.

Luggage and accessories

Your pack is complete and ready to go on the water. It includes all the perfect accessories to make the session as enjoyable on land as on the water.

The foil comes with a padded carrying case, custom made protective covers for the fins, complete hardware, tef gel. The cover has slots to protect each part of the foil.

The wing comes with a large backpack with adjustable shoulder straps and side elastics to attach the pump.

The board leash and the board leash are included. The double action pump is also included, it works for both the board and the wing. The entire pack fits into a large rolling backpack, with adjustable shoulder straps, a hard bottom, a belly strap and multiple storage pockets. This bag is made of an abrasion resistant fabric and goes into checked luggage without any extra charge! We also include a repair kit for the board and wing, a neoprene handle and a wrench for the board valve.

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