Buy a wing foil in UK. We deliver! Sroka Watersports delivers worldwide. If you live in the UK and you want to buy a wing foil, surf foil, SUP Foil, wind foil, kite foil, wake foil or a inflatable stand-up paddle to take advantage of the varied and exceptional conditions of the sailing land that is the United Kingdom, we deliver!

The coasts of the United Kingdom have been the birthplace of many legendary seafarers, and continue to be home to large communities of sailing addicts. In fact, the spots are as numerous as they are varied and the conditions are often just right. If you are not afraid of cold water, exceptional sessions are waiting for you.

To begin with, Scotland and its mysterious charm conceals some superb places to discover. Troon Beach offers an immense flat and windy stretch of water, perfect for the practice of kite foil, wing foil, wake foil or wind foil, accessible simply by the sandy beach, in addition to all the facilities of a maritime town. Similarly, Portland Harbour in the south of England offers a flat, protected playground. The city has become accustomed to hosting sliding championships and their community, also offering all kinds of activities, including sailing schools. If you are lucky, you will be able to sail alongside the dolphins that regularly visit the bay. Among the less well-known spots for the general public are real gems on this southern coast of England. From the East, we start with Camber Sands. Less than two hours from London, the spot offers a side wind known for its regularity, which easily takes 10 knots as soon as the thermals rise. Its open water area has long been known for kite surfing and is becoming more and more popular for wing and surf foil. Then come two islands. The famous Isle of Wight, wild, impressive, magnificent and full of spots still unknown to the public. As sandy and easy as Wight is rocky and technical, Hayling offers a flat stretch of water with very easy access to the water. The practice of foil is so popular here that the city’s website uses photos of it on the cover! Finally, Exmouth is full of sailing clubs, and this is no coincidence. The town offers an exceptional stretch of water which has already conquered several exceptional kitesurfers who have made it their almost exclusive spot.

Should you feel the urge to get away from the hustle and bustle of the ports, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is the place to be. Visible from your SUP, its magnificent wild cliffs plunging into an emerald sea will make for an exceptional stay, in contact with unique local flora and fauna.

For lovers of surf foil and SUP foil, back to Scotland in Thurso, described by professional surfer Love Hodel as “perfect”. Alex Wades, a journalist specialising in surfing for Surf Nation,ranks it in his top three best spots.

Don’t forget that there are tides in the UK. In case of no wind and bad tides, lake is still an option with the Stithians Lake. Regular wind, flat water and equipment ensure that you never miss a single second of sailing.

Freeride foiling for all levels, from beginner to expert. Allows you to practice all foil sports

The S Foil

S Foil combines both versatility and performance. The product is the result of years of development, practice at the highest level and a passion for watersports. Its construction combines solid carbon and premium quality aluminium wings for top performance. The pleasure of flying was highlighted. It is disconcertingly easy to take off and maintain in flight, its smoothness and ease of handling allow you to concentrate on the thrill of flight and speed.

Moreover, the S Foil is modular and designed to allow the maximum number of different practices: wingfoil, windfoil, supfoil, surfoil, wakefoil or kitefoil; all horizons are accessible to you. It is also adaptable to all conditions and levels thanks to its full range of various profils, from beginner to expert. Whatever the conditions, you fly with Sroka.

front wings for foiling, from beginner to expert level. Available for purchase on the Sroka Company website.


Sroka pays special attention to the latest in sailing sports : the wingfoil. It revolutionises them with its free approach, combining the lightness of the wings with the unique sensation of flying with a foil. We want to offer you products designed and developed for wingfoil with an outstanding price/performance ratio. Our wings are made of durable materials. They are at the same time rigid, strong and very light, weighing barely two kilos for 4m wings. Their handles make them easy to handle, their carefully placed reinforcements will protect them from any mistakes.

Complete wing foil package with foil, board made in France, wing and accessories

In addition to our wings, we offer versatile and high performance boards. These Made in France boards are of exceptional quality and finish, available in fibreglass or carbon. Available in 7’8, 6’3 and 5’5, the Sky Rider, combined with the S Foil, will meet all expectations. It is the ultimate board for beginners in wingfoil, but also allows you to sail in sup foil and wind foil. All these options, the three sizes of wing and board, but also all the variations of the S Foil are available in a pack including all the necessary elements to allow you to start flying immediately. For those looking to push the limits of wingfoil even further, we designed the Fast Flyer 4’6, still Made in France and also available in pack. To accompany you, Sroka offers tutorials to help you get started in wingfoil.


The foil has revolutionized the practice of surfing in general. The spots we know can be reinvented, and new ones are opening up. Sroka has designed and developed high-performance products to allow you to discover a whole new world and new sensations. With Sroka products, never before has surfing, wakeboarding or stand up paddling provided such a feeling of speed and fluidity. Our products have been designed with a passion for sliding combined with years of practice and experience. For surf foil, we offer you a board specially designed to be combined with the S Foil. The 160×52 board allows efficient pumping and flying very easily. And if you want to do without waves, opt for the Pocket board. It allows you to take off from the pontoon or from the beach (here are our tutorials to make these departures) and to fly on a flat piece of water, without any waves (we explain how here!). The Pocket Board is also ideal for wake foil. Packs are available for those who want to get into the water without waiting.

Kite Foiling

Our kite foil range benefits from Bruno Sroka’s experience as three times world kite surfing champion. The Sroka kite foil range includes the versatile and general purpose S Foil. It can also be used for surf foil, sup foil or wake foil, for example. But we’ve added a foil entirely dedicated to the practice of kite foil; the K-foil, recognised as one of the best on the market. The K-foil is available in high quality aluminium or carbon. Very performant, machined to the nearest micron, accessible and evolutive, it will allow the best to reach four times the wind speed and to take off from 5 knots. Several wings are available depending on your level and conditions, as well as several sizes of mast and stabilizers. It represents the best possible value for money for performance that testers have enjoyed. Let our guide help you make the right choice between the various materials, wings, stabilizers and masts available.

To accompany the K-Foil, there are several possible options. Both the Pocket board and the 160×52 will answer the call. The 160×52 will allow simple and easy access to the practice while remaining an evolutionary and performing board, while the Pocket Board is for more experienced practitioners. Whether you want to learn to kite foil or to perform, both boards will prove to be solid, easy, very versatile and high performance. They are also included in ready-to-navigate packs for kite foil.


Wind Foiling

Never before have the sensations of gliding been so pure and tenfold since the foil invited itself into windsurfing. No more need to wait for the storm to enjoy the exhilaration of speed, Sroka foils can make you fly at speeds as high as 7 knots. The speed increases, the feeling of lightness and acceleration also, but above all, the pleasure is there. Just like the Kite Foil range, we wanted to equip our Wind Foil range with a foil specifically designed for practice in addition to the S Foil. In a concern for excellence, performance, accessibility and completeness, we want to offer several different fins and masts with the FreeRide Performance. Very easy to access without compromising performance, it remains as scalable as it is solid. The most experienced riders will know how to make the most of its capacities to break all their speed records.

Our Stand Up Paddle range

Our range of Stand up Paddles will seduce you, whatever your needs, budget and desires. And in each case, we are keen to offer you exceptional SUPs, combining a refined design, outstanding construction allowing performance and durability and above all, the pleasure of gliding.

The Alphas

The Alpha’s answer the call of Adventure. Their tapered shapes are tailored for race and performance. They will respond to your need for speed and your thirst for new horizons with a construction up to the challenge: materials recognised as being the best on the market, resistance to any test, rigidity beyond measure. The pleasure of adventure will be multiplied by the sensation of perfect gliding. These paddles are available in several sizes up to 14′, to push your limits even further, and in several colours. Blue, green, but also the special “Girly” design, particularly worked and refined.

The Malibus

The Malibu are Sroka’s best-seller, and this is no coincidence. The Malibu range can do it all, it is the embodiment of versatility. Whether it’s for a family initiation, fishing, walking or relaxing, you will always find immense pleasure in using them. Stable, resistant and light thanks to Fusion technology, they are also fun and manoeuvrable. The 10′ and 10’6 models are available in blue and orange. We also offer a model for people with a disability, with extra handles and bridges to hang a seat. It is possible to opt for the Wind Sup, which can be transformed into a windsurfer or kayak, or for the beautiful Girly with its unique design. Whatever you want, there is a Malibu to please you.

The Easy range

The Easy paddles are there to give you access to turnkey Stand Up Paddle practice. We have designed SUPs that are very pleasant to use and to set up. Once on the water, they reveal an excellent compromise between glide, speed, manoeuvrability and stability. Like all our paddles, they benefit from the best PVC and Dropstitch fabrics on the market. They are very resistant, rigid and durable, without ever sacrificing weight. If you want to practice without any hassle and fully enjoy the pleasure of the SUP, the Easy are made for you.

The Waves

We have decided to take you back to the origins of surfing and SUP by offering you the Waves. Benefiting from all the contemporary technological advances and the best materials on the market selected by us, the Waves will allow you to surf the best waves of your favourite spots. Its shape is made for surfing. It will manoeuvre with disconcerting ease to give you unique sensations. And for the days of great calm, it is always possible to go for a ride with this model.

For its part, the Ocean Walker is the perfect first purchase to discover paddling. Extremely light and easy to set up, it relies on the pleasure of gliding and its accessibility to seduce.

The X(X)L range

Our Xl and XXL Paddles allow an entire group to benefit from the support. From two and up to eight people, we offer several fun, solid, rigid and practical models. Some, like the Duo, are very versatile and high-performance, while others, like the XL, allow the whole family to have fun and enjoy a moment of happiness together. You can discover these unusual models designed just for you right here.


Finally, we invite you to discover our Stand up Paddle accessories. You will find everything you need to prepare your outing. We offer you a large choice of paddles, pumps, bags, covers, leashes but also small accessories such as fins, screws and repair kits. All our accessories benefit from the same quality of construction as our SUP’s, to allow you to go out at sea serene, pleasant and safe. You can find our range of accessories right here!


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