You live in Italy and are looking for a wing foil, a surf foil, a SUP Foil, a wind foil, a kite foil, a wake foil or an inflatable stand-up paddle? We work with the best international carriers in order to assure you a delivery as soon as possible and with the assurance that your package will be transported in good conditions. Please expect a delivery time of 2-3 days if you live in Italy.

Buy a wing foil in Italy, a surf foil, a SUP foil, a kite foil, a wind foil or a stand-up paddle.
Buy a wing foil, a surf foil, a SUP foil, a kite foil, a wind foil or a stand-up paddle in Italie.

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7,500 km : this is the length of the Italian coast. This very long and carved coast allows Italians to benefit from spots adapted to all practices. Surf, Surf foil, Kite foil, Wind foil, Stand-up paddle, Italy lets you choose. The Mediterranean climate makes it possible to practice water sports in optimal conditions at any time of year. The water temperature remains generally good throughout the year (4/3 mm wetsuits in the middle of winter). We will not overly praise the quality of Italian waves as they are relatively well preserved from the crowds and as a surfer living in Italia you are well aware of the quality of the waves your coast has to offer. You are probably aware of the potential that surf foil could offer on the short period swells of the Mediterranean sea … Surf foil is indeed the ideal sport to go in the water as often as possible because it allows you to take the smallest and least powerful swells possible. The break point of Tre Ponti in San Remo, for example, can offer very long waves, ideal for foiling when conditions aren’t so big. The perfectly exposed Sardinia, also makes it possible to surf regularly. Swells are often formed by the Mistral, which stops blowing in the Nice city area in France and brings very clean waves.

But Italy can also be windy! Sports such as Wing foil, Kite foil or wind foil can therefore be practiced all year round. The spot of Lo Stagnone in Sicily is windy about 300 days a year. Gizzeria Lido in Calabria will also satisfy riders of all levels who are looking for frequent wind!

Finally, stand-up paddle enthusiasts will also be delighted by the variety and beauty of the landscapes and places to practice and discover. So if you make a stop in Venice, why not swap the traditional gondola for an inflatable stand-up paddle?


Some watersports gears are difficult to find depending on the country you are in. We do our very best to make our products available everywhere. Let’s say you want to buy a wing foil in Italy. Your choice may be limited and the brands available in your area may not match what you are looking for in terms of quality, price or performance. We want to offer you the choice of quality at the best price. That is why we are working on the accessibility of our range everywhere.

If you want to buy a wing foil in Italy, a surf foil, a kite foil, a stand-up paddle, you can count on our international experience and expertise in the world of board sports to guarantee you the best quality of products and services.

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