Delivery of wing foil in Switzerland

If you are looking to buy a Wing Foil in Switzerland, or a Surf Foil, a SUP Foil, a Wind Foil, a Kite Foil, a Wake Foil or a Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the alpine lakes, we deliver in Switzerland.

Switzerland is a country rich in spots for WingFoil, Kitesurf, KiteFoil, WindSurf, WindFoil or SUP. Its many lakes make it an ideal country for board sports requiring wind. The frequent thermals at certain times of the year provide ideal winds for foiling. When you start out, you will be able to sail from 11 knots. As you progress, 8 small knots will be enough to sail and enjoy a good Wing Foil session. We present you a part of our Swiss playgrounds, with different conditions, which will satisfy all levels. Kite surfers, wind surfers, wing surfers and paddlers are bound to find a spot to practice!

Some of the waters are well known in the world of water sports, so you won’t be surprised to find them, but there are plenty of lesser-known spots to exploit!

Where to sail in Switzerland?


This is the smallest of the three (neighbouring) lakes, you can launch at the Bise Noire (North East of the lake). The spot works well with a north-easterly wind as well as South-West. Be careful, the start and finish are on rocks, with occasional gusts of wind.


Leaning against the Jura, it offers favourable conditions oriented North-East but also South-West. In case of strong winds, it is still possible to sail without too much difficulty because of the peninsula of Saint-Pierre which lets the wind pass while cutting the chop.


Like Biel, this lake is very open to the NE and offers great conditions for kitesurfing and foiling.




The famous Lake Leman offers a multitude of spots for board sports. Among them, Excenevex (on the southern part of the lake). This is one of the best spots for wing sailing. The beach offers a safe launch with fine sand. The spot only works with a north-north-easterly wind (the Bise), and is therefore oriented On Shore. It’s an easy spot, but on days with strong winds, it can go up to 40 knots, and cause big waves. It requires the ability to ride well upwind, due to the boundary areas and high traffic.

To the west of the lake, near Geneva, the Vengeron spot will also satisfy Wingfoil, Windsurf, Windfoil or Kitefoil and Kitesurf lovers. This part of the lake operates in Bise, North, North-East orientation, which can vary at the end of the day. Be careful not to run aground on the islands or crash into the harbour breakwaters in strong conditions or when the wind changes direction.


Further north in Switzerland you will find Lake Sempach. When the west wind picks up, this spot is very popular with kitesurfers and foilers. When the west wind picks up, this spot is very popular with kitesurfers and foilers. The wind is often more constant on the lake than on the shore, which makes it easier to stay in the areas. Nevertheless, it is important to have some basic knowledge to navigate safely.

The lake offers ideal conditions for stand-up paddling due to its generally calm waters. There are tours to discover the spot from the water. You can walk from one of the villages surrounding the lake (Sempach, Eich, Schenkon or Nottwil) and follow the shore. Alternatively you can paddle across the lake from Nottwil to Eich for example.


Located near Interlaken, in the heart of the Bernese Oberland, this lake offers an exceptional setting for SUP. You can row over turquoise water, surrounded by mountains. You can sail and dock as you wish. If you are looking for a long, sporty walk, the 33.5 km tour of the lake is ideal.


Wägitalersee is an artificial lake held back by a dam (near Innerthal, in the Schwyz region) and is the ideal spot if you want to get away on a SUP, in the middle of nature, with only the sound of your paddle pushing the water. The tour is 13.4 km long, perfect if you want to go for a long walk (be careful to keep a safe distance from the dam to the north of the lake).


The lake in Silvaplana, located in the Upper Engadine, is one of the most popular spots in the country for kitesurfing. A thermal wind from the Col de la Maloja (located to the southwest) blows relatively strongly and constantly over the lake. The wind often picks up in the middle of the day, and is especially present during the summer season.

The wind often picks up in the middle of the day, and is especially present during the summer season. This is why you will find delimited sailing areas. However, be aware of the forecasts. Offshore winds from the north (especially from the Julier summit) can blow, often in gusts, and make navigation dangerous.


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