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Wing foil delivery in Switzerland

If you’re looking to buy a

Wing Foil

in Switzerland, or a

Surf Foil

, a

SUP Foil


Wind Foil


Kite Foil


Wake Foil


Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle

to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the alpine lakes, we deliver to you in Switzerland.

Switzerland is a country rich in spots for sailing WingFoil, Kitesurfing, KiteFoil, WindSurf, WindFoil or SUP. Its many lakes make it an ideal country for the practice of board sports requiring wind. Frequent thermals at certain times of the year offer ideal winds for foiling. At your start, you will be able to sail from 11 knots. As you progress, 8 knots will be enough to sail and enjoy a good Wing Foil session. We present you some of our Swiss playgrounds, with different conditions, which will satisfy all levels. Kite surfers, wind surfers, wing surfers and paddlers are bound to find a spot to practice!

Some bodies of water are very famous in the world of water sports, you will not be surprised to find them, nevertheless you should know that there are a multitude of spots that are a little less known to exploit!

Where to sail in Switzerland?


It is the smallest of the three lakes, you can make your water at the level of the Bise Noire (North-East of the lake). The spot works well with a northeasterly wind as well as South-West. Be careful, the start and finish are on rocks, with sometimes a few gusts of wind.