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Sroka Watersports delivers worldwide. If you live in the UK and you want to buy a wing foil, surf foil, SUP Foil, wind foil, kite foil, wake foil or a inflatable stand-up paddle to take advantage of the varied and exceptional conditions of the sailing land that is the United Kingdom, we deliver!

The coasts of the United Kingdom have been the birthplace of many legendary seafarers, and continue to be home to large communities of water sports fans. In fact, the spots are as numerous as they are varied and the conditions are often just right. If you are not afraid of cold water, exceptional sessions are waiting for you.

First of all, Scotland and its mysterious charm conceals some superb landscapes. Troon Beach offers an immense flat and windy stretch of water, perfect for the practice of kite foil, wing foil, wake foil or wind foil, accessible simply by the sandy beach, in addition to all the facilities of a maritime town. Similarly, Portland Harbour in the south of England offers a flat, protected playground. The city has become accustomed to hosting sailing championships and their communities, also offering all kinds of activities, including sailing schools. If you are lucky, you will be able to sail alongside the dolphins that regularly visit the bay.

In case you feel the urge to leave the hustle and bustle of the ports, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is the place to be. Visible from your SUP, its magnificent wild cliffs plunging into an emerald sea will make for an exceptional stay, in contact with unique local flora and fauna.

For lovers of surf foil and SUP foil, back to Scotland in Thurso, described by professional surfer Love Hodel as “perfect”. Alex Wades, a journalist specialising in surfing for Surf Nation, ranks it in his top three best spots. For more relaxing conditions, Fostral Beach, its large beach and resort SPAs represent a good compromise between surfing and relaxation.

Don’t forget that there are tides in the UK. In case you have no wind or water, you still have the “lake” option, as at Stithians Lake. Regular wind, flat water and equipment ensure that you never miss a single second of sailing.

Do you live in the UK and looking for a wing foil, surf foil, SUP Foil, wind foil, kite foil, wake foil or inflatable stand-up paddle? We work with the best international carriers in order to assure you a delivery as soon as possible and with the assurance that your package will be transported in good conditions. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery if you live in the UK.

Some watersports gears are difficult to find depending on the country you are in. We do our very best to make our products available everywhere. Let’s say you want to buy a wing foil. Your choice may be limited and the brands available in your area may not match your expectations in terms of quality, price or performance. We want to offer the choice of the best value-for-money. That is why we are working on the accessibility of our range everywhere.

If you are looking to buy a wing foil in the UK, a surf foil, a kite foil, a stand-up paddle, you can rely on our international experience and expertise in the world of board sports to guarantee you the best quality products and services.

Feel free to contact us at,French and English speaking consultants are at your disposal!

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