Technical characteristics of the Sroka wings and foil boards

How are Sroka Company products developed?

Our philosophy is to design our products based on your needs. Your specifications are our specifications, with several consequences. The first is that we listen to you, and take your feedback, both positive and negative, into account when developing our products. Secondly, we do not force the rider to adapt to the material. Each of our fins, foil boards or wings answers a need.

We are not here to race for equipment either. All our wings have their strengths, but there is no question of your session becoming a nightmare if all the parameters are not perfectly met: they are therefore, each in their own way, models of versatility and scalability.

Bruno Sroka, triple World Champion and adventurer, tests himslef each product before putting it on the water, and our products are not released until the feel and quality are there. We also make sure to reduce our impact, by offering you products that last and not disposable ones.

You will find in this table the main characteristics of our products in connection with the foil. They can give you a quick overview of the behavior of a foil, a wing or a board. Keep in mind that there is a lot more that goes into the design of a foil, a board or a wing. Rather than comparing them to make the right choice, nothing better than contacting us directly by email, chat or phone, we will put our technical expertise and experience at your disposal.