Stand up Paddle

Inflatable paddleboard have become in several years one of the easiest and most practiced nautical sport around the world thanks to its infinity of possible use : touring alone or with friends/family, surfing, training, racing, fishing or paddle yoga.

The inflatable paddleboard allows riders of every level and body type to enjoy any water spot : ocean, lake, river. Our inflatable boards line goes from 8′ to 14′ for individual boards so everyone can find the one that suits his needs. We also offer special stand up paddle boards : BIG Sup, HANDI SUP, Tandem SUP and SUP Foil.
The reflexion that drives the conception of our inflatable stand up paddle board SROKA lines is to allow any paddler to find the board that suits him or her. We want this board to be qualitative with the best possible technologies and materials but also the nicest designs. And finally we want our board to stay affordable by offering the best possible price on the market for the high quality standards we have. We conceive boards for several years and never miss an opportunity to improve our products to always offer the best offer of inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market.
Each board is sold with an array of accessories depending on the board line : transport bag, air pump, fin(s), leash, 3 pieces paddle. Our line of high quality accessories completes all the needs paddlers can have : leashes of different sizes, colors and shapes, 50% and 100% carbon paddles that come in 1, 2 or 3 pieces.

The ocean is our passion, and stand up paddle boarding is the best way for us to share it.

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Showing all 25 results