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Sroka Company.


Elite Carbon Foil 14 mm.

The first 100% non-foamed M40J carbon fiber foil for foolproof rigidity. A 14mm glide pattern and an ultra-short 10.9 cm rope for an indescribable glide.

The benchmark for the years to come. Switch to the Elite mast from €1799.

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SROKA Watersports

We love to share and encourage dreams of adventure, of skiing, and to see you make them come true. We are the first users of our products, and therefore in the best position to tell you about them. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you in person.

Sroka company

Inspired by nature, we fly, surf and row with our products developed on the Breton coast. Designed for you: quality products, at affordable prices, and that last over time.

An adventurer at heart and eager to share his passion, Bruno Sroka, 3 times kitesurfing world champion and the first man to have crossed Cape Horn in a kite, founded the Sroka Company brand. His idea is simple: to share his love for water sports by developing quality products at affordable prices.

SROKA Company manufactures board equipment such as inflatable Kitesurfing and Wind Foil, Kite Foil, Surf Foil, SUP Foil, Wing Foil (check out our wing foil packs), Wake Foil, and Stand Up Paddle. Our approach: to democratize these board sports, by offering the best products at the best price. Each product is developed, tested and approved by Bruno himself, whose name is affixed to each of them as a guarantee of quality.

We make it a point of honour that all our products are durable, easy to use, at the best value for money and performing. Committed to the local economy, we produce some of our products in Brittany, in order to guarantee you unrivalled standards while reducing our impact. These foil boards Made in France bring to life our local know-how and our industry.

Beyond its products, SROKA Company is a family-run Breton company, managed by enthusiasts, who wish above all to develop the best products to offer you and share together the best experiences on the water. We love supporting everyone’s dreams of adventure and seeing them come true. No matter what the project is, passion and dreams are our two driving forces to move forward. We are also launching your Facebook group, Sroka Sessions, where we invite you to share your moments of fun on the water!

Join the family of board sports enthusiasts. Welcome to Sroka.