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Paddle fin

Check out our range of paddle fins, designed to improve the stability and control of your board. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our fins allow you to navigate with increased precision, making it easy to turn and maneuver in all conditions.

Optimize your paddle board for a sublime experience!

The fin of your paddle is a real technical element that directly influences your sailing experience:

  • Increased stability: A larger center fin provides better stability, ideal for beginners or choppy conditions. Paddle with confidence and enjoy the scenery!
  • Improved handling: Opt for a smaller or removable fin for increased handling. Make it easier to manoeuvre, turn and change direction.
  • Enhanced performance: Contoured race fins reduce drag and increase your speed. Slice through the water more easily and boost your sports performance.
  • Adaptability to all disciplines: Classic stand up paddle, walk, race, fishing or yoga… Find the perfect fin for your favorite practice and explore all the possibilities of paddleboarding.


What is the role of a paddle fin?

The paddle fin plays a crucial role in the performance and stability of your board. It allows you to:

  • Steer the board: The fin acts as a rudder, allowing you to steer your board in the desired direction.
  • Keep your board straight: The fin helps to keep your board straight and prevent it from drifting.
  • Improve stability: A larger fin provides better stability, which is especially important for beginners or in choppy water conditions.
  • Increase Speed: Contoured fins for racing reduce drag and increase your speed.

There are different types of paddle fins, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Center Fins: Center fins are the most common and offer the best stability. They are usually larger and thicker than other types of fins.
  • Side fins: The side fins are mounted on either side of the board and provide better maneuverability. They are usually smaller and thinner than the center fins.
  • Removable fins: The removable fins can be easily removed and installed, making them convenient for transport and storage. They are often used by paddlers who practice different types of paddleboarding.
  • Racing Fins: Racing fins are contoured to reduce drag and increase speed. They are generally thinner and longer than other types of fins.
  • Retractable fins: Retractable fins allow you to fold and then return to position when you pass over a rock. Ideal when you are sailing in the river.

The choice of paddle fin depends on several factors, such as your level of experience, your style of paddle boarding, and the water conditions:

  • Level of experience: If you are a beginner, it is better to choose a larger center fin for better stability. More experienced paddlers can opt for a smaller or removable fin for better maneuverability.
  • Paddle style: If you paddle recreationally, a center fin is a good choice. If you’re racing, you’ll need a racing fin. If you like to do yoga or paddle fishing, a removable fin may be more convenient.
  • Water conditions: If you’re paddling in calm waters, a smaller fin may be enough. If you’re paddling in rough waters, you’ll need a larger fin for better stability.

Installing a paddle fin is quick and easy:

  1. Make sure the fin is compatible with your mounting system.
  2. Align the fin with the mounting base.
  3. Insert the fin into the attachment base and push it firmly until it is in place.
  4. Secure the fin with the screw or locking system provided.

To extend the life of your paddle fin, it is important to maintain it regularly:

  • Rinse the fin with fresh water after each use to remove salt, sand, and dirt.
  • Inspect the fin regularly for damage or cracks.
  • Replace the fin if it is damaged.

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