What is Foil surfing?

Surfing foil is a practice of board sports that consists of adding a hydrofoil to a surfboard. Surf foil is becoming more and more popular because it allows you to surf swell trains of less than 50cm and does not need breaking waves to offer extraordinary gliding sensations. It is also possible to take several waves in a row thanks to pumping, without stopping.

2) What level do you need to surf foil?

You need at least a good level of surfing to hope to start surfing foil. It is possible to get started with a good command of another foil support, but the take off is complicated to grasp in this case.

3) How to choose your surf foil?

For the board, you need a short board that is easy to paddle like the Fast Flyer 4’6. You should avoid boards with a high volume, preferably under 40L it is ideal. For foiling, beginners will go for surfaces between 1190 and 1500 depending on the spot and the size. The ideal for more experienced riders is a front wing with a high aspect ratio such as the 1190 L or 1350 L to have great gliding sensations and excellent pumping efficiency to reconnect the waves. A short fuselage (61 or 56cm) helps to have more maneuverability and better pumping. We recommend short poles such as the 70cm, 80cm maximum.

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