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Flex control: pumping that reveals your potential.

S-Foil High Aspect 1190 Wave


Flex Control: A new way to optimize pumping efficiency.

After many prototypes and months of research and development, we used various techniques, such as careful material selection, strategic arrangement of carbon layers, targeted reinforcement distribution and precise profile design for Controlling the flex of the front wing, thus offering a same as the 1190 Speed, but with greater flexibility for increased pumping efficiency.

It’s an ideal compromise to make the most of small and medium waves, while preserving your endurance between waves and maintaining a high pumping speed.

Wing alone here.



Enjoy the feeling of speed of an 1190 Speed with the pumping efficiency of an 1190 Lift

We designed the 1190 Wave for seasoned surf foilers looking for speed and pumping efficiency. Its profile, aspect ratio and wingspan identical to the 1190 Speed give it excellent stability and allow high speed peaks in a smooth and easily controlled manner.

A fast, easy and responsive surf kite.

comment rendre son foil plus maniable

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Our Commitment

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x Kitesurfing World Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each of the products is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort and durable over time.

Being concerned about our environmental impact, we make it a point of honor to develop paddles with a maximized lifespan that will limit the use of new resources.

Since the launch of the company in 2013, we have been developing products that are sustainable over time in order to extend the life of our products and limit our impact on nature as much as possible. From this objective comes a very precise set of specifications to use the most resistant materials available, with adhesives that comply with environmental standards for workers and nature while guaranteeing a long life for our products. We are proud that some of our rental companies, or customers, have been using our boards for more than 8 years without having changed their model.

Producing better to produce less and thus limiting the waste of natural resources is one of the goals of the SROKA brand.

comment choisir entre un foil high aspect et un foil low aspect


It is a device that often has the shape of an airplane. It is placed in the water, on the hull of a boat, to allow it to rise above the water thanks to the lift that the foil generates. The foil works like an underwater airplane wing and provides incredible gliding sensations. It was Tabarly who popularized the concept in the 80s. It can now be found in all board sports.

You can do everything with a foil, from offshore racing with the Vendée Globe for example to light sailing. All traditional board sports have turned to foiling in recent years. You can practice surf foil, sup foil, windsurf foil, kite foil, wake foil… Or wing foil, a unique mix of these sports and increasingly popular.

  • Activities such as SUP, kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing require you to master the support before taking up foiling. The best thing to do is to start with foiling derived from your original sport (if you come from surfing, start with surf foil). Wing foil remains accessible without water sports experience, even if it is easier to progress quickly if you have prior knowledge.

Sroka foils consist of several elements. We have the plate that connects the board to the foil. Then, the mast that fits into the turntable. At the end of the mast is what is called the plane; a front wing and stabilizer that are connected by a fuselage. On the S-Foil, the frame, mast and fuselage are made of aluminium while the front wing and stabilizer are made of carbon. The Kite Foil offers an all-carbon option.

The S-Foil is supplied with its protective case, protective covers for fins, gel tef and screws.

Yes. Like all the products on the site, Sroka foils are covered by a two-year warranty!

It usually takes one business day to prepare your order and then one to three business days for delivery.

There are several ways to adjust your foil to increase or decrease lift. You can change the position of the foil in the US rails. The further forward it is, the more lift you gain. You can also adjust the angle of incidence of the stabilizer (it’s easier than adjusting the angle of the front wing or the entire foil) with adjustment shims. The more you increase the angle at the back, the more glide you gain.

We have a dedicated article on how foils work here.

To start, it’s best to choose a neutral setting in the double US rail, well in the middle. With experience, you can play with the settings and increase the lift by moving the foil forward in the case. We also increase the maneuverability of the foil by moving it forward in the case, which can be useful when surfing.

It should be chosen according to its level, size and practice. For surf foil, we offer a 4’6 board that is easy to paddle. For the SUP Foil, we will go for boards between 5’8 and 7’8 with a minimum volume of 100L to start standing up. For wing foil, anything is possible. If you prefer to start with boards like the Sky Rider 5’5 (90L, for 70Kg and under), 5’8 (105L for 70 to 80Kg) and 6’3 (for 80Kg and more), experienced riders can choose the 5’2 (77L) and 4’8 (68L) for freestyle and a versatile and high-performance practice, or go down to the Fast Flyer (38L).

Those who want to kitesurf, dock start and wakefoil will find what they are looking for with the convertible Pocket Board (17L). Finally, windfoil boards require volume and width, such as the 6’3 or 7’8 depending on the size. Feel free to check out our detailed guides to choosing your foil boards.

If you want to be even more, there are the Giant XL and XXL paddles that can accommodate between 4 and 8 people. On the other hand, a paddle board with a size of 10′ is designed for one person only.

If you don’t know which paddle to choose, we explain everything HERE.

It all depends on the discipline and its size. In general, don’t overestimate yourself. Foil requires a new learning curve even if it’s worth it. For wing foil and SUP foil, we choose front wings between 1500 and 2000cm2. For surf foil and wake foil, more like between 1200 and 1500. The Wind and the kite foil, we will choose foils between 800 and 1250cm2.

As a first step, use the gel provided to grease your screws and connections. There’s no need to refill as long as there’s left. Don’t put too much at the risk of creating a deposit at the bottom of the threads. Rinse your foil with clean water after an outing and disassemble it before storing it in the protective covers provided. Be careful not to get sand in the threads. If you have a full carbon foil, you don’t need to disassemble it every time, oxidation takes place between the aluminum and carbon parts.

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