Kite Surf & Foil Straps

49,90 Expedition non comprise


  • Set of 3 kitesurf and foil straps
  • Large belt made of pre-formed foam
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Light and soft for maximum comfort
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Build to resist

The straps for kite surf and foil are composed of a triple density memory foam (1cm thickness) to withstand shocks and insure the support of the feet.

The end of the straps fixed on your board are reinforced to guarantee a strong link between your feet and your board.

The seams assembling the footstraps are tripled in order to resist in all conditions.

An inox screws and washers pack is included to attached firmly the straps to the kite surf or foil board and resist to corrosion.

Foot straps 2
Foot straps

Unequalled comfort

The triple density memory foam fits closely to your feet without subsiding in time. A maximal comfort is insured no matter how long your session is.

The structure of the kite surf and foil straps is covered with a layer of neoprene in order to protect it and allows the water to drain away. This last layer insure a soft touch to provide irritation of your foot.

Pour un ajustement optimal, vous avez la possibilité de régler vos footstraps sur 12 positions différents permettant d’étendre la fixation de 21 à 26 centimètres. Les orifices dans les extrémités des straps vous permettent également de les fixer de biais pour suivre votre position sur la board.

For an optimal adjustment, you have the possibility to set your footstraps on 12 different positions allowing the strap to cover from 21 to 26 centimeters. The holes at the ends also enable you to set your straps on an angle following your position on the board.


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