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We have developed a distribution network in France and Europe to allow you to see, test and buy our products through the shops. In case there is no shop near you, we give you the opportunity to buy online via our e-commerce.


SROKA products are guaranteed for 2 years. Sroka Shop reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept the guarantee, by examining the file (including photos and possibly by direct visual and technical inspection of the material) clearly showing the defect(s) of the product. If the product is declared defective by Sroka Shop, the warranty covers the repair or replacement of the defective product only.

The withdrawal period for any online purchase is 14 days, in accordance with the legislation in force. The withdrawal period for in-store purchases is not the responsibility of Sroka Shop, but of the retailer. Any lack of conformity of the product on receipt or of the order must be notified to Sroka Shop within 7 days of receipt of the package, otherwise no return will be possible. The cost of returning the goods will be charged to the customer. For more information, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale or to our After Sales Service.


Bruno Sroka has been a tester and developer for kiteboarding brands for about ten years. In 2009, Bruno develops with the designer Paolo Rista, the first KiteRace boards in the world, and flat sailing like windsurfing but kitesurfing. This innovation revolutionised Kiterace, and led Bruno to win 12 out of 16 competitions in 2009 (and remain on the podium 15 times). Bruno is a 3-time world kitesurfing champion. He is also the only person to have kitesurfed around Cape Horn and to have kitesurfed from France to Ireland. Bruno is also a former PE teacher with several sports diplomas. He therefore uses all his experience, knowledge and skills to make board sports accessible to as many people as possible.

We are based on the Brittany coast, so we practice with the material we develop. It is therefore imperative for us to offer quality products that are comfortable, easy to use and above all efficient. We also work with ambassadors around the world who are also passionate about water sports and share their feedback on the equipment and great photos and videos.


When it comes to inflatable Stand-Up Paddles, we decided to strengthen them where this type of product can be fragile: the rails. Unlike some of our competitors, we have 4 layers of PVC on the rails to ensure maximum watertightness. The top and bottom of the board are made of a double skin which guarantees the good rigidity and solidity of the product. The different bonding of the PVC layers is carried out under optimal hydrometric control to ensure the reliability of the bonding.

The rigid foil boards are designed in France, in the Morbihan region, in full sandwich (carbon or fibreglass, as desired). For us, there is nothing better than local know-how. To find out more about how they are made, we refer you to this dedicated article.


We carried out extensive market research and found that our customers were looking for an affordable but quality product. We have worked on our design methods, on the routing of products, on reducing our margins, to keep a fair price, accessible to all, without hampering the quality of our products.

Nevertheless, we will never be able to position ourselves on the prices of entry-level products. Simply because a product offered at a price 40% (or more) lower than the competitors, is a sign that certain criteria are not taken into account: the manufacturing conditions, the quality, the durability, the guarantee of the product, or the time spent on testing and prototyping. An abnormally low price should always be a warning. Discover in this article, our philosophy to make our products accessible while guaranteeing the quality of our products.