Ailettes avant S-Foil Classiques


Classic S-Foil front wings

Our Classic wings complete the High Aspect range. Whether you are looking for an introduction to Wing foil or to take your surfing to the next level in Surf foil, there is a Sroka fin for you. For beginners or those looking for lift and stability, the 1750 (XL) and 2000 (XXL) wings will prove to be perfect. The 1500 (L) will seduce you with its versatility, opening up a wide range of activities, from SUP Foil to Wake Foil to Wingfoil. The 1250 (M) will immediately convince surf foilers looking for aggressive curves, but also kite foilers and freeride wind foilers.

All our front wing are evolutionary products. For example, while a beginner will be satisfied with the lift and stability of the 1750, an experienced rider looking for maximum lift in light winds will be able to reveal its full potential. Our aim is that every element of your quiver should be durable, not only in quality but also in performance. All our profiles have been carefully designed, engineered and tested to give you the maximum feeling of freedom that foiling provides.

Please note that these front wings are not compatible with the 2020 S-Foil model, except with the 2020 mast/front wing adapter fuselage 2021.

Their detailed characteristics are on this link. To choose the right wing for you, read on.

Why choose our Mid Aspect Classic fins?

We offer two different fin ranges, fully compatible with the S-Foil. Our High Aspect fins are for those who have already taken their first steps in foiling to optimise their glide and pumping efficiency. Our Classic range offers more mid aspect fins, with a larger chord and a smaller span for the same surface area. This construction offers an excellent compromise between manoeuvrability, stability and performance, for an incredibly versatile kite. In contrast to the low aspect, these wings offer comfortable lateral stability and better pumping efficiency. These wings offer an Aspect Ratio of 6.

Beginners looking for lift and stability should go for the 2000 (XXL) and 1750 (XL). With less surface area and less wingspan, like the 1250 and 1500, the Classic kites will offer you intense speed, surfing and carving moments. For even more customisation, there are shims available here. And for those who want to understand how their foil works, we suggest this article.

explanations of the difference between a Mid Aspect, Low Aspect and High Aspect foil
High Aspect foil front fin

How to choose your S-Foil Classic front wing?

The 2000 front foil wing (XXL): This is the front wing that offers the most lift. Very powerful, it allows the largest sizes to start easily in Wing. Although it is not the fastest wing, it allows you to take off in a minimum of wind and in a low lift environment, such as mountain lakes. It may also be suitable for experienced riders looking to dock start or ride in very light winds.

The 1750 front foil kite (XL): This is the perfect kite for beginners. It will be able to comfortably launch 70 to 90 kg sailors, while keeping an interesting evolution potential. It is versatile and allows you to try SUP Foil, downwind foil and begin Surf Foil in small soft waves. Towed behind a boat, it will make you take off quickly. If you are looking to start Wing Foil with a progressive kite and have fun in small waves, this is by far the most interesting choice.

The 1500 front foil kite (L): In Wingsurfing, it allows the lightest riders to start without having a too powerful kite and to progress quickly. The main characteristic of this kite is its impressive versatility. Whether it’s Wing Foil, Wake Foil, Surf or SUP Foil, it offers an amazing compromise between glide, stability and handling. It can also be used as a wind foil in light winds and small sail sizes (5m or less) for magical freeride sessions. The 1500 is the kite for you if you want to do it all.

The 1250 front foil kite (M): For the more experienced and resourceful rider, the 1250 kite is a little gem of carving and feeling. In Surf Foil, Wing, and SUP Foil, it will combine speed and maneuverability to give you great surfing moments. It will even be possible to use it in Kite foil and Windfoil, where it will prove to be perfect for a practice without headache.

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Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x World Kitesurfing Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each product is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort, and durable over time.