Foot Straps x3 pour Kitesurf / Surf Foil / Windfoil


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The SROKA Foot Straps Foil have been designed to give you maximum support and comfort for any sport. Adjust the foot correctly in the Foot Straps and you will become one with your board. You will feel every movement of your board with maximum control.

  • Set of 3 or 4 Footstraps for the following sports: Kitefoil, Kite Surfing, WingFoil, Windfoil, Sup Foil, Surf Foil, WakeFoil
  • Standard size to fit all boards
  • Triple density foam construction for comfort with neoprene for maximum comfort in contact with the foot
  • Adjustable bindings with 3 length and 3 width positions on each end of the strap (9 holes)
  • Lightweight, comfortable and durable

NB: due to a supply problem, we cannot include the screws at this time.

These foot straps are suitable for kitesurfing, kite foil, windsurfing, windfoil, wing foil or surf foil. They are made of a triple density memory foam (1cm thick) to absorb shocks and ensure an excellent foot support. The ends of the Foot Straps have 9 holes to screw your straps to the board. This will ensure excellent control and fit. The seams that join the foot straps are tripled to resist the elements and time. In contact with the instep, an ultra soft neoprene will make you feel at home in your slippers.
Pack Kite Foil K-Foil + foil board 160 x 52
Foot straps

SROKA kitesurfing straps: unrivalled comfort

The triple density memory foam that conforms to the contours of your feet without being damaged over time. This ensures maximum comfort for the duration of your session. The structure of the straps for kitesurfing or kitefoil is covered with a layer of Neoprene to protect your foot. This provides a very good water evacuation. The whole thing ensures a soft touch to avoid irritation of your feet. For an optimal fit, you can adjust the Footstraps to different positions, allowing you to extend the binding from 21 to 26 centimetres. The plugs at the ends of the straps also allow you to attach them at an angle to follow your position on the board.

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