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Fuselage S-Foil



Fuselage for S-Foil

The Fuselage for S-Foil 2021 is now available in several lengths. The aim is to allow you to have a fully modular and scalable foil, capable of adapting to your needs. By default, all our S-Foils are sold in a standard configuration. For those who want more manoeuvrability, the Short and Ultra Short fuselage will allow you to make tight turns in the waves and perform radical manoeuvres. They are also less stable longitudinally and require a higher pumping frequency. The short fuselages are therefore intended for two who have an intermediate or advanced technical level. The standard, short and ultra-short fuselages allow for all foiling disciplines apart from Windfoil, which has its own dedicated 93cm fuselage (more on this page).

Our fuselages have gained significant rigidity this year. Their connection makes it easier to assemble and disassemble your S-Foil, as well as making all 2021 fins compatible and interchangeable on the same foil. Their composition in T6061 T6 aluminium, used in the aeronautical industry, gives them rigidity and durability.

How to choose your foil fuselage

The Standard, Short and Ultra-Short fuselages can be used in all foiling disciplines. For the sake of versatility, we equip all our S-Foils with the standard model, as it offers the widest range of use. For Windfoil enthusiasts, there is a dedicated 93cm fuselage (coming soon) that will allow you to fully express yourself in the discipline. All our 2021 fuselages are compatible with the Classic and High Aspect front wings.

Guide pour bien choisir le fuselage de son Foil
Fuselage maniable pour tous les sports de foil
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