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Pack SUP gonflable et Wing


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Learning to wingfoil may seem difficult and complicated to you. To learn to master the foil, the wing and the board at the same time, we have the solution for you! This mixed concept opens up a different vision of paddling on windy days. Learning to master a wing has never been easier, and it is the first step to mastering the Wingfoil.

Stable and space saving, this inflatable SUP plus wing pack allows you to maximise your paddle time, introduce the whole family to wind sports safely and discover the techniques of using the wing.

This pack is plug and play, it consists of a Malibu 10’6 windsup paddle (with a centreboard in the centre of the board). Convertible from windsurf to kayak with its mast foot insert and seat bridges) and a wing in 3,3 or 4m2 to have fun from 8nds of wind.

This SUP plus wing combo will allow you to play in all conditions. The pack consists of :

  • a Malibu 10’6 Windsup stand up paddle
  • a 3 part aluminium paddle
  • a double flow pump for the wing and the sup
  • a 3,3 or 4 m wing
  • a leash

The Malibu 10'6 Windsup

The windsup 10’6 is a hybrid board that allows you to do stand up paddle, windsurf and also Wing sup initiation. It is the 4×4 of our Malibu range! Built to last using professional quality materials (we use PVC that are used in semi-rigid boats) this SUP is super light and rigid thanks to its Fusion construction (heat welding of the different layers of PVC on the deck and hull). The 3 layers on the rails will maximize the stiffness. The well-made carry bag will allow you to put the Wing Sroka, pump, SUP, paddle and all accessories together for easy transport. With 10 years of experience in the world of high-end and professional inflatable SUPs, we have developed a robust and durable paddle that you can use for many years. We don’t make disposable products, but quality products designed to last and reduce waste.

The Wing Sroka

The wind picks up, take the wing, stop paddling and go for a ride on any water! Go upwind, go downwind, you will be able to fully exploit your inflatable SUP. The SROKA wing is similarly built to be rigid and strong, giving you maximum rigidity with unequalled ease on your paddle.

Technical specifications

  • ROCKER : constant curve for easy riding over the chop.
  • RAILS: soft and round along the length of the board which provides a very pleasant glide.
  • VOLUME: even volume, the 6′ thickness allows for more stability on the water.
  • OUTLINE: 32″ wide in the centre of the windsup to optimize stability.
  • TAIL: The round tail increases the stability and manoeuvrability of the board.
  • NOSE : round nose which increases stability
  • DIVISION : 2 US daggerboards.
  • RIGIDITY: +++ thanks to the 3 layers on the rails.

Features of the bag :

A bag is provided for optimal storage. The design of the bag allows for quick and efficient access and storage of the SUP. Here are the details of the all-terrain bag, solid and easy to use:

  • Volume: 149 L
  • Very large space for SUP storage
  • Ultra light bag, very resistant to abrasion.
  • Durable handle.
  • Ultra-comfortable straps adaptable to your morphology for a safe carry.
Malibu bag blue and orange
Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x World Kitesurfing Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each product is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of irreproachable quality and comfort, and durable over time.
Inflatable stand up paddle Malibu 10'6 Fusion

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