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Pack Wing Foil Gonflable Sroka – Planche gonflable Air 5’3, 6’ou 6’4– Wing en 5m – S-Foil 1750.

Delivery 1 to 3 working days in France if the product is in stock.

Whether you are a beginner or a wingfoil pro, you are looking for high performance, durable and scalable equipment. For those who need space and travel without the headache, we have combined all the qualities of a high-end wingfoil package with your desire for freedom. We have done everything possible to offer you a board capable of giving you a maximum of sensations. Thanks to its carbon plate covered with a protective layer of high-end PVC, the Sroka Air is unparalleled in its rigidity.

We offer several sizes of boards adapted to your size and level in these packs. They have a standard US double rail.

If you are wondering which Wing Foil Pack to choose, take the time to read our article “how to choose your wingfoil pack” to help you make the right choice.

The inflatable wingfoil pack is available with the inflatable board v1 and the sail v2 at 1499€.


Included in the pack

  • One inflatable SROKA AIR foil board
  • The Wing Sroka 2021 size 5m, its bag made of recycled materials and its repair kit
  • An S-Foil with its front wing Classic 1750, its transport case and all its screws
  • A protection for your board case to be glued on the plate of your foil
  • Wing leash and board leash
  • The board cover and the wing pump are not included due to a supplier problem. We are working hard to include them in the pack next year!
  • By buying as a pack rather than individually, you get a 13% discount on the price of each item compared to buying them individually.
sauter planche de wing gonflable Sroka
inflatable wing foil for flying

The inflatable board Sroka Air V2

Performance & Shape

Never before has the feel of an inflatable board been so close to that of a hard board.

Concerning the shape, we worked on the rocker of the board so that the touches are as soft as possible. The passage of the chop is like a dream. The new series is also lower on the water: the whole range is now 5″ thick instead of 6″. This gives us a better feel, but also more weight. The rails are thinner and bite less in the surf and in the tightest jibes. The generous outline in the main beam guarantees an easy knee start. The wide tail offers an appreciable gain in stability and responds to the slightest pumping action to get you off the ground. The result is a board that is very lively underfoot once in the air and takes off immediately, in complete comfort. It just wants to slide, encourages the beginner. It rewards the expert rider on small sizes with an exhilarating nervousness and precision.

Once in the air, it’s impossible to tell the difference with a hard board with your eyes closed. The steering is super precise thanks to the carbon plate, the board responds perfectly to pumping as well as to maneuvers. When surfing, the kickpad serves as a reference point. The pads are grooved lengthwise for maximum grip, even for those who want to ride radically strapless. And for those who like straps, the Sroka V2 allows you to set up in a Y-shape, with two straps in the front and one in the back. It’s up to you to send your best jumps.

A unique construction on the market

We use materials that are unique in the inflatable foil board market. The two layers of PVC that make up your board are sourced from the professional RIB industry. Woven with micro-filament, UV treated, thick and light, it is incredibly resistant to abrasion, impact and the harshest of conditions. Combined with a very high quality Dropstich, the whole is of an incomparable rigidity which is felt in the precision of the piloting and the feelings delivered by the board. The glues we chose are also from a professional industry with quality requirements well above average, whether in terms of longevity, resistance to temperature variations but also respect for workers and the environment.

In addition to the quality of the materials, our construction choices preserve your board. The carbon plate is entirely covered with a layer of PVC. This is the only way to effectively protect it from scratches and shocks, and to prevent the board from heating up in the sun and prematurely aging the glues.

The performance of your board is directly related to the quality of its materials, and we have chosen the best of them to build the Sroka V2.

Which foil board is right for you?

The Sroka Air 6’4 promises fast take off and stability for the larger rider. Its shape is easy to access (6’4×29 “x6 ” – 8kg).Its volume of155L allows you to focus only on your sensations and the pleasure of flying. Its rocker allows you to recover easily if the board touches the water. With the family, it will become a perfectly safe SUP for the kids!

If you are looking for a board that is progressive but not punishing, the Sroka Air 6′ is the board for you. Its volume of  144L  is harmoniously distributed over a shape of intermediate dimensions (6’x28 “x6 ” – 7.8kg). It will also be perfectly suited for larger riders who are not beginners and want a board that fits.  
The 5’3 is the all-rounder for the foiling enthusiast, capable of flying all the spots. It’s possible to punt, take off in the light, surf and everything else you dream about with this model whose super efficient shape  (5’3×29 “x6 – 7Kg – 115L)  remains accessible to the lightest beginners (70Kg and less).  

The Wing Sroka V3

The Wing Sroka V3 combines power, comfort, stability and lightness. Its ultra-stretched leech makes you take off immediately. Once in the air, the quality of the profile, the lightness of the wing, the battens and its rigidity offer an impressive Vmax with a delightful control. At the perfect balance between surf, speed and freestyle, it combines carefully selected aspect ratio and dihedral characteristics to provide the ultimate weapon in all conditions. No need to stockpile kites in the garage, the Sroka V3 is hyper versatile and performs in 90% of the sessions, from surfing to freestyle to freeride.

Shape of the wing & Construction

The Wing Sroka V3 has a light dihedral, which allows for better Vmx and more comfort at high rpm than a very pronounced dihedral. The Wing Sroka V3 accelerates endlessly while maintaining impeccable stability in the surf.

Its moderate aspect ratio prevents unwanted side roll due to low aspect ratio and offers superb handling at high speeds and excellent acceleration. The feeling of gliding and lightness is magical, you explode your records and surf without realizing that you still have the wing in your hands. On the big surfaces, we have chosen a bigger Aspect Ratio to gain in the short time and for a better control in straight line. On the smaller surfaces, this ratio decreases: the 3m and 4m are more compact to be agile and send your best tricks.

The Z-shape of the bladder keeps the profile perfect and the trailing edge super tight. The tips are refined and twisted, allowing for efficient release of excess power in the slap and reducing the impact of the hits. The whole thing is perfectly stiff, very powerful on take off and never stops accelerating in absolute comfort.

The Wing Sroka V3 is cleverly constructed with perfectly placed reinforcements to save maximum weight and excellent quality materials. The Wing V3 is therefore very rigid and dynamic. You can get out of the water immediately, even in very, very light winds, because the pumping is so effective and the wing responds well. And all this without ruining your cardio.

The angles of segmentations of the most exposed bladders are reinforced by Kevlar. The semi-rigid handles are also reinforced to withstand all possible stresses. In the end, it’s a super light (2,2 Kg for the 4m2 and 2,5Kg for the 5m2) and durable wing.

Luggage and accessories

Your pack is complete and ready to go on the water. It includes all the perfect accessories to make the session as enjoyable on land as on the water.

The foil comes with a padded carrying case, custom made protective covers for the fins, complete hardware, tef gel. The cover has slots to protect each part of the foil.

The wing comes with a large backpack with adjustable shoulder straps and side elastics to attach the pump.

The board leash and the board leash are included. The double action pump is also included, it works for both the board and the wing. The entire pack fits into a large rolling backpack, with adjustable shoulder straps, a hard bottom, a belly strap and multiple storage pockets. This bag is made of an abrasion resistant fabric and goes into checked luggage without any extra charge! We also include a repair kit for the board and wing, a neoprene handle and a wrench for the board valve.

Each SROKA product has been designed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x kitesurfing world champion and aventurier) and his team. He takes great care to ensure that each of his products is a top product, easy to use, impeccable quality and comfort, and long lasting.

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6 reviews for Pack Wing Foil Gonflable Sroka Air

  1. Antoine Barré (verified owner)

    A ce stade, je veux faire un super feedback sur les conseils de l’équipe. Par chat d’abord puis par téléphone, cela m’a permis de m’orienter vers le pack gonflable en 5’3 et foil 1500. Je fais 65kg et je suis expérimenté en kite. L’équipe m’a écouté et m’a aidé à m’orienter vers ce pack plutôt que le foil 1750. N’hésitez pas à les solliciter si vous êtes comme moi vous avez des doutes sur la meilleure configuration pour vous.

  2. Martin

    Une superbe planche qui décolle tout de suite avec le foil 1750, j’en suis très content

  3. Julien MRC

    Le Foil 1750 marche très très bien. Le départ est doux, mais on gagne rapidement de la vitesse. Il est bien réactif, le jibe passe tout seul. La voile est puissante et stable. Pour la planche, rien à dire, j’ai pris la 5’3, qui est très maniable, j’y ai mis un strap à l’avant pour avoir encore plus de contrôle.
    Bref un très bon pack de très bonne facture.

  4. Manu

    Je ne pensais pas renouveler mon équipement de Wing Foil cette année, mais ce nouveau pack m’a fait changer d’avis. J’ai commandé la planche gonflable en 6′ sur les conseils de Bruno
    L’équipement est hyper polyvalent sous différentes conditions, les produits sont beaux et quali, pour le prix, je recommande
    Et en plus ça fait plaisir d’aider une entreprise française

  5. G MACE

    Le pack est vraiment bien pour débuter en Wing Foil. La planche gonflable est super stable et la Wing légère. C’est le parfait combo entre confort et puissance (à un prix imbattable en plus).

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