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S-Foil mast


Mast for S-Foil 2021

The mast for S-Foil 2021 is stiffer and lighter than its predecessor. Its shortened rope will give you more maneuverability for more intense jibes and curves than ever before. Its T6061 T6 aluminium construction ensures strength and rigidity. It is suitable for all foil sports. Thanks to its three available sizes (70, 80 and 90cm), it allows you to adapt your sailing style according to your desires and needs. All our S-Foil 2021 parts are compatible and interchangeable, so you can build your own dream foil or adapt to your water conditions.

Find here the High Aspect (speed and pumping) and Classic (freeride and carving) fins, fuselage and plate for the S-Foil 2021. Please note that this mast is not compatible with the S-Foil 2020. Find out how to choose the right mat for your Sroka Foil below!

How to choose the right size of mast for your foil?

For beginners or those who only sail on flat water and don’t want to complicate their lives, we recommend the 70cm mast. On a water surface that is suitable for learning how to foil, it will allow you to experience the first thrills of flight in complete peace of mind. Its relatively short size will forgive all your positioning mistakes, and the falls will be much less impressive. If you want to know more, check out our guide to learning how to tack in a Wing. The 80cm mast is extremely versatile. More versatile than the 70cm mast, it will allow you to start foiling with peace of mind. For more experienced sailors, it allows them to fly over rougher water, to punt, to surf, to manoeuvre and to steer more efficiently. If you had to choose just one, this is the size you need. The 90cm mast is for the seasoned foil sports connoisseur. The size of the mast will allow you to get a better angle to the water and make your sailing more technical and intense. If you are already at a good level and want to discover new sensations and push your limits, use a 90cm mast for your S-Foil.
Mât pour Foil Sroka

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