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Girly Inflatable SUPs are premium boards, designed with Fusion technology to optimize performance on the water.

The width of this SUP offers great stability and its refined design is unmatched on the market. Few brands offer boards with colorful designs, and we wanted to make you happy. The Girly SUPs are limited editions, and we have reworked their shapes to suit female sizes.

We have designed inflatable paddles that are light and rigid thanks to heat welding and 3 layers of PVC on the rails that reduce inertia and increase gliding speed.

The Girly paddles are specially designed for women, with a pure and original design. No doubt you will love the harmony of colors between the paddle, the bag and the paddle.

We offer two options:

The standard pack includes a paddle, a transport bag with wheels and the Sroka double action pump.
The complete pack includes a paddle, a transport bag with wheels, a Sroka double action pump + a 50% carbon paddle and a coiled leash . It allows you to go immediately on the water, without constraints or efforts.

Why choose SROKA products

Our commitment

Being concerned about our environmental impact, we make it a point to develop paddles with a maximised lifespan that will limit the use of new resources.

Since the launch of the company in 2013, we have been developing products that are sustainable over time in order to extend the life of our products and limit our impact on nature as much as possible. From this goal comes a clear specification to use the strongest materials available, with adhesives that respect environmental standards for workers and nature while ensuring a long life for our products. We are proud that some of our rental companies, or customers, have been using our boards for more than 8 years without changing their model.

Producing better to produce less and thus limiting the waste of natural resources is one of the objectives of the SROKA brand.

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On our Girly, Alpha and Malibu boards there is no need for unnecessary accessories to stiffen the board. We have used the best Dropstich and PVC available on the market. The three layers of PVC on the rails stiffen the boards enormously (exclusive to SROKA) for a feeling similar to a rigid board with the ease of use and storage of the inflatable.

The choice of materials, their assembly and the ergonomics of the user have been the object of all the attention to facilitate your comfort, the rigidity and the durability of the product in time.

Equipment and contents of the pack


Its wide pads will guarantee you a real comfort under your feet. Its lightness means you won’t have to worry about carrying it around. The raised eva pads are very comfortable underfoot and provide a good grip for all manoeuvres. All our SUPs are equipped with a neoprene foam carrying handle, which offers maximum comfort during use.

This new model has an original, feminine and refined design. The board is equipped with a US case that allows you to change the fin if needed, and elastic nets at the front that allow you to hang your water bottle or your SROKA waterproof bag (not included).

Each board comes with a carry bag (with wheels for SUPs 11″ and larger) for safe and manoeuvrable transport.

The design of the bag allows for quick and efficient access and storage of the SUP and will protect your paddle perfectly thanks to a very resistant fabric.

Optional : We offer a retractable fin (Made in Germany, exclusive distribution of Sroka Company in France), for those who enjoy paddling on shallow water, such as lakes, rivers or even the sea. Our fins are also available in standard models: discover here all our accessories to accompany your board.

The SROKA quality guarantee


Our goal is not only to offer you a simple inflatable board, but an exceptional SUP with :

  • A price accessible to all.
  • A unique and pleasant design
  • A quality and rigidity beyond reproach.
  • 3 removable fins
  • A double flow pump
  • An all terrain bag, solid and easy to use and comfortable
  • A repair kit
  • Two years warranty on the PVC
  • 3 ranges to meet three different budgets, a first price, mid-range and top of the range

Each SROKA product has been developed, tested and approved by Bruno SROKA (3 x World Kitesurfing Champion and Adventurer) and his team. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each product is a top-of-the-range product, easy to use, of impeccable quality and comfort, and durable over time.

Comment choisir son SUP Girly ?

Girly 10’x31x5  


We have designed the ideal compromise between stability and glide. Thanks to a tight outline and a relatively narrow board, you will benefit from a very good speed of movement while keeping stability. Its weight of 8,4 kg is ideal to have fun, without breaking your back and benefiting from a good glide / handling ratio.

Girly 11’6x30x5  


The shape of the 11’6×30 has been developed to improve the glide of the girly 10 while maintaining excellent handling. At 76cm (30″) the 9kg Girly 11’6×30 inflatable SUP is the perfect compromise between lightness and speed. It is the ideal board for sporty rides with a lot of stability. It will be your ideal partner to train and discover new horizons!

Girly 12’6x28x5  


The shape of the 11’6×30 has been developed to improve the glide of the girly 10 while maintaining excellent handling. At 76cm (30″) the 9kg Girly 11’6×30 inflatable SUP is the perfect compromise between lightness and speed. It is the ideal board for sporty rides with a lot of stability. It will be your ideal partner to train and discover new horizons!


Features of the bag :

The SUP comes with a storage bag, designed to make access and storage of the SUP quick and efficient.

All terrain, strong and easy to use, here are the details of the bag:

  • 149 L of volume
  • A very large space to store the board
  • 1680D nylon fabric, very resistant to abrasion and ultra light.
  • 7 mm foam interior for optimal comfort
  • Strong carrying handle.
  • Ultra-comfortable straps, which you can adapt to your morphology, for a safe carry.
Girly bag for efficient storage of the sup paddle

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Our customers' opinions

4 reviews for Paddle gonflables femme – Girly Fusion

  1. Marie-Agnès Ebert (verified owner)

    Paddle incroyable.
    En comparaison à tous les paddles que j’ai pu essayé, celui-ci est de loin le meilleur.
    J’ai été d’abord très bien informée auprès d’un des interlocuteurs concernant mes besoins.
    J’ai donc acheté le paddle randonné girly en 11’6x30x5 en pack complet :
    Glisse incroyable… Même face au vent, on avance! Maniabilité et réactivité superbe. Stabilité incroyable.
    Design très joli.
    De plus, je suis un petit gabarit (1,54m) donc je craignais concernant le poids total du paddle dans le sac, sachez qu’au contraire, quelle simplicité. Que ce soit pour gonfler le paddle, j’utilise le gonfleur électrique sur la voiture, très simple. Et ensuite pour replier le paddle, le mettre dans le sac puis dans la voiture : simplicité déconcertante.
    Je suis enchantée par mon achat, produit de qualité, belle finition, tout est calculé pour que vous puissiez prendre du plaisir sans galérer.
    Certes c’est un prix pas abordable pour tous, mais la qualité de A à Z y est et les vaut largement.
    Si vous aimez la glisse à la journée (ou 1/2 journée), la simplicité d’utilisation, la solidité : foncez !
    Je recommanderai à tous ceux qui aiment la glisse cette belle entreprise française.
    MERCI !

    • Bruno Sroka

      Bonjour Madame. Merci de votre retour. profitez en bien.

  2. Laurence (verified owner)

    Trop contente de mon achat!!!! Interlocuteur au top! Testé le lendemain de son arrivée pour un pur moment de bonheur! Merci pour tout!

  3. Caroline LB

    Enfin des équipements de sports de glisse pensés pour les femmes, avec un joli design ! Paddle reçu pour mon anniversaire, qui m’a accompagné tout l’été. Rien à dire sur la qualité du produit, il ne bouge pas au fil du temps.

  4. Matthieu Milliot

    Il est aussi beau qu’efficace et léger… avec cette petite touche girly qu’on aime bien. C’est le cadeau idéale pour votre copine. Cette taille est parfaite pour la balade sportive, moins encombrant qu’un 12’6 mais presque aussi rapide. C’est le compagnon idéale des balades en rivière, sur lac…

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