Retail screws and bolts


Retail hardware for the Sroka 2021 Foil range

All the screws and bolts to equip your S-Foil 2021. Here are the different lots available:

  • 4 screws M8x20 and their nipples for the fixing of the S-Foil 2021 / Air inflatable board
  • 4 screws M8x25 and their nipples for fixing S-Foil 2021/Hardboard Sky Rider and Fast Flyer
  • 4 M8x30 screws to fix the fuselage and the plate to the mast
  • 3 M8x25 screws for fixing the Classic front wings to the fuselage
  • 3 M8x16 screws to attach the High Aspect front wings to the fuselage
  • 2 screws M8x25 to fix the stabilizers to the fuselage (this length allows to install adjustment wedges)
  • M8 Torx wrench

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Weight 0,5 kg