Why choose SROKA boards?

More than an experience, a passion

The brand was created in 2013 when Bruno SROKA (3 x world kitesurfing champion and adventurer) stopped competing. His background as a high level sportsman and a PE teacher allowed him to unite two worlds. The world of competition, technicality and the accessibility of sport for all by offering easy to use products.  Each product combines these two worlds. SROKA inflatable stand up paddles are innovative, high performance, great design and high quality at an affordable price. This page explains how and why you should choose a SROKA inflatable paddle.

1- Tested and approved by a world champion.

SROKA company was born from the desire to share a passion for board sports with as many people as possible. It is in the DNA of the company created by Bruno SROKA (3 x world kitesurfing champion and the first man to have crossed the Cape Horn in kitesurfing to date). Bruno has worked for over 10 years for one of the biggest kitesurfing brands in the world. Each product of the brand is tested, developed and approved by Bruno SROKA. For more information, please visit the About Us page
kitesurfing champion bruno sroka

2- A high-end product at an affordable price

We make it a point of honour to release only top-of-the-range products at a price that is affordable and sustainable over time. Why pay more when you can get the best quality for less? Every product is made from the best materials. For example, all our PVC is reinforced PVC used on RIB boats, unlike many brands that use Tapaulin (a PVC used for waterproof bags). We put a minimum of 3 layers on the rails to increase the rigidity and reliability of our products over time. Unlike many brands that only use one layer. These are just examples but they really reflect the spirit of the brand and the quality of our products.
paddle pour débutants et confirmés

3- Sup Inflatable: the perfect compromise for the whole family

A composite stand up paddle is very bulky. Improved inflatable technologies are making a big revolution in board sports. No more need to have a roof rack on your car to carry a SUP. Inflatable Sup’s are much stronger, lighter and just as good as composite boards. Easy to transport, light, strong, and powerful, inflatable boards are the best compromise on the market.
differences between rigid and inflatable paddles

 4- A comfortable, easy-to-use carry bag.

The SROKA experience is not only on the water, it is also on land with the quality of our accessories. The carry bag is a very high quality bag, easy to use with a large opening and the most resistant fabrics on the market. Equipped with wheels for the Alpha series, we have one of the best bags on the market. Going on an adventure with SROKA starts as soon as you pick up the bag.
bag for inflatable stand up paddle

5- A double flow pump

Our pump is a double flow pump but light. It takes only 3 to 5 minutes to inflate the paddle. This is also a very good warm-up to avoid muscle damage. So we opted for simplicity of use and lightness of the pump to make the experience easy.

6- Innovation

We innovate every day. We produce our paddles in the best factories in the world. We have a quality control for each product and we innovate every year to make your experience even more intense. This year we have decided to offer you paddles with a unique and high quality design. We are one of the only brands on the market that can do this. We don’t need any superfluous systems to stiffen our stand ups. Nature does not like complexity. Simplicity is our goal. To do this, we use the best dropstich on the market, the best reinforced PVC on the market and we put 3 layers on the rails to guarantee maximum rigidity with maximum ease of use.

7- 2 year warranty

All our SROKA products come with a 12 month warranty on glues and 24 months on PVC. Register your board to increase your warranty to 24 months. Click on the link here
différences entre paddle rigide et paddle gonflable

8- A passionate team at your service.

Our entire team is passionate about board sports. We practice every sport we sell. Bruno SROKA personally tests each product to be sure to have a high quality product. Our team is at your service to respond as quickly as possible to your requests. It is for us a guarantee of quality to be at your service.
Twin tip SROKA