Pack Kite Foil K-Foil + foil board 160 x 52

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Pack Kite Foil and kite board

The ideal and accessible Kite Foil pack with K-Foil aluminum and Hybrid foil board 5’2 for Kite and Surf by SROKA Company. Our K-Foil can evolve through time, every piece can be switched and modified. You can switch the front wing size and mast depending on your use. The mast and wings are in aluminum The K-Foil is one of the stiffest on the market, it was awarded the “Free Ride Foil of the year 2019” by The Kite Mag ! And if you want to learn to surf waves on the foil, the 5’2 foil board hybrid is perfect when you switch to a prone surf foil by SROKA Company.


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Kitefoil Aluminium Kfoil SROKA


The K-Foil was developed by Bruno SROKA, three times kite surfing World Champion. Bruno always commit to develop high quality products at a reasonable price. This hydrofoil has become a standard in the free-ride kite foil sector thanks to its construction, stiffness and accessibility.

Kite foiling permits to fly in very light wind conditions and to push your limits in strong wind conditions. It allows you to go up to 4 times faster than the wind.

More informations about the K-Foil Free-ride aluminum.

Kite foil K-foil Alu

The Kite Foil pack K-Foil + Hybrid board 160 x 52 is the ideal compromise to enjoy the best of kite foil free riding at an affordable price. We kept the qualities of accessibility and versatility liked by the users of the carbon K-Foil while selecting the best possible aluminum to offer a super resistant construction and incomparable performances.

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The mast with its probox adapter get inserted under the board. The entire board + foil is perfectly stiff and locked. The stiffer the foil is, the better is its performance.

The board is very accessible thanks to its volume and foil dedicated shape. Inverted rails make upwind easier so you don’t slow down when hitting a bump.

Equipped with straps and various possible positions, you can adjust the balance of the foil by changing the straps positions further front or further back on the board.

While keeping the same performance and versatility of the carbon version, this kite foil pack SROKA K-Foil aluminum keeps the same accessibility. We developed th perfect free-ride foil at the best price on the market.

This is the perfect kite foil pack to learn and evolve.

If you want to step up your game, many options are possible : you can switch the size of the mast for a taller one, you can switch the wing size, you can change your kite wing size and even your board.

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