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Your ultimate asset to dominate the spot.

Accelerate without resistance.

Elite Carbon Foil 14mm | 85cm

Exceptional gliding sensation.

14mm thick

No resistance in water.

10.9cm rope

No need to rinse after each session.

0 maintenance

Perfect responsiveness, intuitive foil.

100% M40J HM Carbon

Take advantage of all SROKA fins and stabilizers.

100% Compatible & Optimized HA, Control & Classic Fins

Limited quantity.

30 units for the first production

Elite Carbon or Aluminum fuselage depending on your needs.

Two fuselage options

Elite Profile

You accelerate easily and without resistance on a perfectly silent foil.

All parts of the mast have been studied, worked on and improved using specialized fluid mechanics software to facilitate the flow of water and reduce brakes.

This mast is the result of advanced technology that allows you to enjoy an incomparable glide. It ensures easy speed gain and easy take-off thanks to minimal drag.

Thickness: 14 mm

Rope: 10.9 cm

State-of-the-art materials

The foil reacts exactly as you expect it to, for intuitive and controlled navigation.

A high-performance mast is characterized by low drag (reduction in thickness and chord) and exceptional resistance to bending and torsion.

The Elite mast is made up of 140 layers of M40J High Modulus Carbon Fiber, positioned at 0° and 45° to optimize the torsion and bending of the mast.

You have a durable foil that will perform well for years to come.

Your benefits:

  • Exceptional glide feel : Ultra-slim 14 mm thick profile
  • Very low resistance in water : Ultra short rope of 10.9 cm
  • No need to rinse or disassemble after each session : Minimal maintenance
  • Instant responsiveness, intuitive foil : 100% M40J HM Carbon
  • Take advantage of all SROKA fins and stabilizers : 100% compatible and optimized for HA, Control and Classic fins
  • Limited quantity : 30 copies for the first production
  • Elite Carbon or Aluminum Fuselage : Two fuselage options
  • Easy to repair : all snags are easily repairable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Weight mast (2.2kg) + carbon fuselage (0.7kg): 2.9kg
  • Weight mast (2.2kg) + aluminium fuselage (1.2): 3.4 kg

Video Presentation

Elite Carbon Foil 14mm | 85cm

Here’s what you’ll receive when you order a complete Elite foil:

  1. The Elite Carbon Mast
  2. The Elite Carbon or Aluminum fuselage
  3. The front wing
  4. The Stabilizer
  5. The carrying case
  6. Fin, mast and stabilizer protective covers
  7. The complete screws (DLC Diamond Like Carbon)
The total value of this offer is 3480€. By ordering now, you benefit from a price of


Next arrival June 6, 2024