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Prodigiously at the cutting edge.

High Aspect 670 S HA front wing


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Experience the ultimate wingfoil power with the new HA 670 S

Each session will be a sensational experience, where the perfect fusion of your technical mastery and the efficiency of the fin will allow you to reach previously unexplored heights.

You open the doors to a world where your skills combine with technology to offer you a sailing experience that will touch the very essence of your passion for this sport.

For all Tow in lovers. You will no longer have wave size limits. What will be your limit? It’s up to you to try it out!!


Wing foil

The 950 makes you discover the magic of wing surfing. You surf the waves with remarkable finesse and ease. You carve with a sense of total control. Try!


Designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, this foil offers you exceptional maneuverability, fluidity and precision. With the Control 950, you will explore wingfoil from a new angle and go beyond your limits!

Kitefoil / Windfoil

Are you looking for a front wing that allows you to surf medium and big waves with control and fluidity? The Sroka front wing 950 is just the thing for you! It has been designed to offer maximum precision and control.

Speed Profile.


This fin is designed to allow you to take full control of your sailing, giving you the confidence to tackle any spot. You’ll be able to push your limits, without worrying about being overtaken or overtaken.

front wing 950 control

Incomparable gliding sensation

The HA670 is the result of meticulous engineering, with lightweight and durable materials that reduce drag to a minimum, allowing you to cruise comfortably even at high speeds. You’ll instantly feel an impressive acceleration.

Aluminium and carbon foil

This foil is compatible with the aluminium and carbon mast (coming soon), which offer you incomparable stability and responsiveness. The aluminum mast is ultra strong thanks to the advanced materials used in aviation and marine: T6061 T6. The Elite carbon foil gives you exceptional glide and unparalleled rigidity thanks to its finesse and 100% carbon fiber composition high modulus M40 J

Slim profile

We have refined the tips (tips of the kite) to make it easier to maneuver your foil and discover true waveriding.


670 HA

For whom?

The 670 HA is the perfect choice for those who want to reach extreme speeds and surf big waves /swells.


Aspect ratio 





Carbon M40J

810 HA


The 810 HA is made for those who want to reach high speeds while keeping a fine flight on the swells.


Aspect ratio





Carbon M40J

Stock in Brittany

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This front wing is designed for those who want to go fast and push their limits. The limit will no longer be the material but your ability to go fast. This 670 S HA wing starts relatively early and can be used from 18 knots of wind for a size of 75 kg.

To fully exploit this type of kite, it is necessary to have a minimum technical level. A scrambled level ++ is recommended with good pumping efficiency (wing/board) to start early.

This wing is not for beginners. It can be used for small guys but will not allow you to start.

The 180 cm2 stabilizer is ideally suited for the 670 S HA. The 240 cm2 will be able to work but will slow down the foil.

To go fast, you have to move the foil back on the board.

So we recommend a fairly remote positioning for a size of 80 kg or less.

A heavier jig will have to move the foil forward in the US rails

The ideal stabilizer is the 180 cm2. We recommended putting a little positive angle on the stab between 0’5 and 1° depending on your level and size.

Yes, this front wing can be adapted to the Sfoil Alu or the Carbon foils. The performance will be better on carbon foils because the glide will be significantly improved with a thinner mast. However, with an aluminum foil you will be able to get close to 26-27 knots of vmax with this fin if you are good.

Technically, there are no board size restrictions. But the longer the board, the less effective this fin will be. So ideally in the SROKA range, you should use board sizes under 5’4 94 l with us.

The smaller the board, the better the performance.

We recommend this fin for Wingfoil, Kitefoil and Tow in towed surfing.

It usually takes one business day to prepare your order and then one to three business days for delivery.

Yes. Like all the products on the site, Sroka foils are covered by a two-year warranty!

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