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Pro Impact Vest for Wingfoil & Wakeboard


SROKA Impact PRO, the top-of-the-range impact jacket to protect yourself from shocks.

Designed with premium materials, this vest offers optimal protection and comfort. We designed it in such a way that we would forget about it while sailing. For this, we have used soft and absorbent materials, while arranging the foam panels in such a way that they do not hinder the movements of the body.

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We have designed an impact vest for foiling sports: Wing foil, Wake foil, Surf foil or towed sports: This is the Impact Pro by SROKA.

We’ve thought about everything you need to do these activities safely. We have therefore protected all the sensitive areas of the torso: the ribs, the flanks, and the back, especially the spine. The foam has been reinforced to absorb the shocks possible if you come into contact with your foil.

But that’s not all!

  • You may be carrying your foil on your shoulder and you know as well as we do that it’s very unpleasant. We’ve thought of you by innovating with a removable foam on the shoulders that allows you to reduce the unpleasant feeling when you wear it on your shoulder. If you don’t need it, remove it from the inside.
  • You need to adjust your foil, no need to go back to your car to get a key. Go sailing with your tightening wrench or adjustment wedges . We have offered you a pocket to meet this need.
  • You want to sail with a harness, no problem. A harness strap is provided in the middle of the back allowing you to attach a removable harness buckle to it.
  • Wanting to no longer have a foot leash. Hang your leash on your back on the tightening strap. Free up your supports, and optimize the movement of your supports.
  • If you are a fan of towed foils, you can hang your kill switch on it. Useful when you need to get your partner back quickly.

More information

Our SROKA Impact PRO impact vest allows you to protect yourself from shocks by practicing wakefoil, wingfoil or towed surf foil.

It features a YKK front closure, the benchmark for quality and durability. A “zipper lock” at the top prevents the vest from opening.

Its thick and abundant foam ensures you a good additional buoyancy, appreciable in winter or during big sessions in the waves in tow surf.

Its 2 mm neoprene and foam provide you with a significant gain in warmth.

This impact vest comes in 4 sizes: S, M, L and XL.

Please note that this jacket is not a buoyancy vest, so it is not approved as such. Please comply with applicable legislation if necessary.


  • Safety D-ring for attaching a kill switch.
  • Reinforcement foam on the shoulders for carrying a foil.
  • A solid front zip (YKK Front-zip: the best zip manufacturer) designed not to hinder movement.
  • A water drainage system to drain excess water.
  • A tightening buckle to adjust your vest to your body type.
Gilet et vest d'impact en foil


We’ve created this impact jacket for all extreme sports enthusiasts. Wing foil, towed surf, Jet ski but also Windsurf if you wish.

This impact jacket was primarily developed for wingfoil. More and more users are wearing a jacket that helps protect the upper body from impacts but also from the cold.

We created this jacket for towed surfing, a discipline we love in foiling. We needed to develop a product that makes your jet life easier. When your teammate falls into the water, sometimes you need both hands to get them out of the water quickly. That’s why we’ve added a ring to attach a kill switch to it.

  • Delivery times vary depending on the shipping area:
  • Northern part of France: 24/48h
  • Southern part of France: 3-4 days
  • Europe (neighbouring countries): 3-4 days
  • Europe (countries further from France): 5-7 days
  • Outside Europe: deliveries are made with Fedex or DHL carriers, so delivery times vary depending on the carrier chosen and the delivery area.
    For example: USA/Canada: 2-3 days, Asia: 1 week

To start, we offer 4 sizes. S, M, L and XL.

Remember, this vest is not a life jacket, it is a buoyancy aid to absorb shocks.

How to choose your Pro Impact Vest

Waist Chest circumference
S 165 -175 cm 86 – 94 cm
M 170 – 182 cm 92 – 102 cm
L 176- 185 cm 99 – 109 cm
XL 182- 195cm 107 -114 cm

A jacket should be worn tight-fitting.

If you don’t use it for a while, rinse it off.

Do not put it in the washing machine or dryer.

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