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S-Foil High Aspect 1190


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Discover the S-Foil High Aspect

With its High Aspect wing (1190 L or 1190 S), the S-Foil offers effortless pumping and magical gliding sensations. This range complements the S-Foil Classic range, offering complementary front wings to push the limits of your riding.

  • The HA 1190 S (Speed) wing is made for wingfoil. It offers a superb feeling of speed in addition to a super efficient pumipng. This wing is one of the fastest in our range, along with the 1250 Classic and the 950 Speed. Thanks to its profile, aspect ratio and wingspan, it offers excellent straight-line stability, as well as smooth, easy and fully controlled speed peaks. It will also work wonders in Kite Foil and Wind Foil.
  • The H 1190 L (Lift) kite is designed for lovers of Surf Foil, SUP foil, Wake Foil. The HA 1190 L (Lift) is clearly Surf Foil oriented with a more buoyant but slower profile than the HA 1190 S. Its 15-20% more lift gives you more lift and more power. This will allow you to optimize your pumping to reconnect the waves without stopping.

Discover all the new features of the S-Foil and the details of the High Aspect range. We also help you choose your front fender according to your practice in this product sheet. It is supplied with its carrying case and complete screws.

Also check out the 950HA Speed for those who love pure speed and the 1350 HA Lift for those who want to glide endlessly.


Caractéristiques techniques des ailes et planches de foil Sroka

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