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Windfoil Alu SROKA new product 2019

We deliver all over the world!

Wherever you are, we want to give you the opportunity to be on (or above) the water as often as possible. Do you live abroad and want to equip yourself and buy a foil or board with the best value for money ? SROKA has been working for over 7 years to develop the best foils and boards possible. By manufacturing and developing our equipment in France, we ensure the quality of our products ourselves and also reduce intermediaries and transport. Our goal is to offer you a high-performance, high-quality product at the most affordable price. To do this, nWe put the practitioner at the center of our approach and we listen to the opinions of our customers to continue to innovate and advance our products. When someone wants to buy a Wing Foil, a Surf Foil or a Stand-Up Paddle, we want to be sure that they will have the best possible experience on the water.

Sroka Watersports makes deliveries all over the world. Are you looking for a
Wing Foil
a Surf Foil
, a SUP Foil, a
Wind Foil
, a
Kite Foil
, a
Wake Foil
or an
inflatable Stand-up paddle
? We work with the best international carriers to ensure that your package is delivered as quickly as possible and that your package will be transported in good conditions.