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Inspired by nature, we fly, surf and row with our products developed on the Breton coast. Inflatable SUPs, WingFoil, Surf foil and Kite, our equipment is designed for you: top-of-the-range, high-performance equipment that lasts over time.

Wingfoil Bretagne

Born out of our passion for water sports, Sroka Company is first and foremost a mission: to make performance accessible to all. Accessible but no less efficient! Every day, we give the best of ourselves to offer you high-performance and durable products that allow everyone to explore the exceptional sensations offered by these sports.


SROKA Company is the adventure of a man who has made skiing his raison d’être. Bruno Sroka, three-time kitesurfing world champion, has always been looking for performance and quality. He has worked as a tester for major brands in the sector, bringing his know-how and vision. But he had a dream: to create his own brand, to offer all snow sports enthusiasts the best possible products, at affordable prices. This is how SROKA Company was born in 2013, the fruit of his experience and passion.

Since then, the entire Sroka team has been moving forward with a common passion for board sports. A passion that has always driven us and that drives us to share our vision with you.

Welcome to our world!

comment faire du downwind en wing et surf foil


We design high-performance and scalable products that allow you to fully enjoy your passion, whatever your level. To do this, we place you at the heart of our approach. We observe your needs, your desires, your dreams. We imagine the practices of tomorrow and we design our products with the idea of facilitating the practice, accessibility, pleasure and progression of each rider.

Our products are designed to accompany you in your progress and make you experience unique sensations. Every day, we put all our time and know-how into our products.

OUR VALUES: Performance Quality Durability Respect for the environment

  • Performance : All our products are built with performance in mind. We want to allow beginners and experienced foilers to progress quickly and make the most of their session. Our products are suitable for all types of conditions and practices: speed, manoeuvrability, stability, versatility. Whether you are looking for thrills or relaxation, you will find the right product for you with us.
  • Quality : We design high-end products that meet the highest demands. To do this, we select the best materials, the best technologies and the best designs to offer you solid and reliable products. We rigorously control every step of the manufacturing process, from design to delivery, to guarantee you excellent equipment.
  • Durability : Because we know that this sport is demanding on the material, we design products with a maximum lifespan. The materials we use are resistant to wear, impact and corrosion. We reinforce sensitive areas and optimize the weight and rigidity of the products.
  • Respect for the environment : Concerned about our environmental impact, our guiding principle is to design products with a minimal ecological footprint. The aim is to minimise our use of new resources and thus contribute to the preservation of our planet.
Stand up Paddle femme Sroka


We are located on the Breton coast, where we design, develop and test our snow sports products. For us, it is essential to work with local partners, who share our passion and our demand for quality. We are proud to represent the colours and values of our region, which inspire us every day. At Sroka Company, all our wing foil, wake foil, surf foil and inflatable stand up paddle equipment are lovingly designed in Brittany and we are proud of it!

BRUNO SROKA: A lifelong passion

Bruno Sroka, Sroka Company wingfoil

Before being an entrepreneur, Bruno Sroka is passionate about

Imagine a man who has a dream: to dominate the world of gliding on the water. A man who is not afraid to push his limits and take on impossible challenges. A man who lives for and by the sea. That man is Bruno Sroka.

Ever since he was a child, he has dreamed of dominating the world of windsurfing. Bruno devours windsurfing magazines and imagines himself on the waves. But it was at the age of 23 that he discovered kitesurfing, a discipline that would change his life. He gave up snowboarding to devote himself to this sport, which gave him new sensations. He then threw himself into competition and multiplied his successes. Bruno excelled in all disciplines (Freestyle, Wave and Slalom) but he lacked the supreme title. It was in 2005 and 2006 that he became champion of France, then champion of Europe in 2007. In the same year, he fulfilled his dream: to be crowned kitesurfing world champion! He then confirmed his status by winning two more world titles in 2009 and 2010, and remained on the podium until 2013.

Kite foiling Sroka Company

An insatiable thirst for adventure

Bruno Sroka is not content with competition. He also loves adventure and challenges. In April 2008, he achieved a historic feat: he crossed Cape Horn by kitesurfing, covering more than 100 nautical miles in the roaring 40s. He is the first and only man to have accomplished this feat to date.

He continues with other adventure projects, such as the crossing of the Gulf of Aqaba, the record of the crossing of the Channel on the long part and especially an even crazier challenge: to connect France to Ireland by kitesurfing. It was a project he completed in 2013, covering 450 km in 16 hours and 40 minutes without stopping. Today, he puts his thirst for adventure and progress at the service of Sroka Company to design ever more efficient products.