SUP Foiling is the latest and fastest way to practice stand up paddle (SUP). Flying for ever above the swell is finally possible..!

True innovation in the world of stand up paddling and surfing, the SUP Foil practice quickly conquered the best-rounded Watermen to allow them to push the limits of stand up paddling in its classical form. When surfing on your stand up paddle foil, the speed and angles of carving are increased and the ability to connect two or more waves in one flight can make any medium session going from average to quite epic to surf. When practicing Downwind SUP Foil , the speed and possible trajectories are maximized, making the SUP Foil the fastest paddling watercraft in the world.
The discipline now quickly evolves in Europe. Stand up paddle Foil brings real advantages to its riders by increasing the number of yearly sessions and the quantity of practicable spots that wouldn’t be possible to surf with a classical stand up paddle or surf.
When practicing stand up paddle foil, you discover unique riding feelings, incomparable to any other board sport. The hydrofoil creates the purest speed with no traction, and the purest and sharpest carves. Every rider can develop its own style and wave approach by choosing the foiling gear that suits him or her the best.
SROKA Company has been involved in SUP Foiling since the beginning and develops for the last few years the finest, most performant and most versatile foiling gear. Our gear is the most accessible on the market, as much in terms of ease to learn and use as to buy with the best possible price for our high quality standards. 
Discover our new S-Foil 6 in 1 that allows you to practice 6 different sports : SUP Foil, Surf Foil, Wing Foil, Wake Foil, Windfoil and Kite Foil. Choose your front wing according to your practice, your experience and body type following our 4 wing sizes : M 1250, L 1500, XL 1750, XXL 2000.
It is when free riding that we enjoy the most Foil paddling. We want to share this stoke with all the riders by providing the best possible gear at the best possible price to develop this amazing sport of foil paddling and share many more sessions together.



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Showing all 24 results