inflatblable wing foiling board made by Sroka

Wing Foil with an inflatable board

At Sroka Company, the inflatable foil board is not a synonym for lower quality. We have designed the new Wing Foil SROKA Air pack, combining the performance of the hardboard with the advantages of the inflatable. These advantages are reflected in the ease of transport and set-up that inflatables offer. This means that adventure seekers can travel to any spot with just one bag (without fear of damaging it on the plane). For us, this is one of the boards that will revolutionise the world of WingFoiling!

Surfing the swell in a Wing Foil with an inflatable board: it’s possible.

Preconceived ideas tend to associate inflatables with a lack of solidity. And we’re proving you wrong! To design the SROKA Air board, we have selected the the best materials on the market, including PVC used for professional RIB boats. After almost 10 years of experience in the Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle and in the Foil, we are convinced of the optimal rigidity of this construction. This quality guarantees stiffness, performance and durability to our boards, making your flying experience unique. Therefore, forget the fear of puncturing your board at the slightest impact! They are also much less susceptible to minor impacts than rigid boards, and are generally easier and cheaper to repair. Moreover, in case of a fall, falling on an inflatable board will be much less painful! It is therefore much more reassuring and safe for novices.

The Drop Stitch technology used makes it possible to offer a board with a shape close to that of rigid boards. The shape, contours and curve have been extensively studied to provide the most efficient glide. The Sroka Air foil board can be used for freeriding and is suitable for all levels and sizes.

Choose my inflatable Wingfoil pack

To make you discover the sensations of flight with a disconcerting ease, we propose the Sroka Air Inflatable WingFoil Pack. Scalable, accessible and efficient, this 100% ready to fly pack adapts to your needs. Equipped with the Sroka Air board, the Wing 5m and the S-Foil 1750, you will have the sensation of skiing on 1m of powder! On the other hand, this pack has the advantage that it can also be used in SUPFoil. Replace your Wing with a paddle, and all you have to do is paddle your way through the waves.

The Air 6’4 board will easily fly beginners or the largest of riders thanks to its generous volume. The Air 6′ is perfect for beginners and advanced riders, especially those of average size. Foil sailors, or lighter absolute novices, will go for the 5’3. Please note that our boards are equipped with footstrap inserts at the front only.

The Wing Sroka 2021 has a new design, a new shape, for improved performance. It produces maximum power at low rpm, so you can fly in all conditions! The 5m2 model offered in this Wingfoil pack is the most versatile for all levels. It’s the wing to do it all: jumping, surfing, or just discovering the feeling of flying over water.

The S-Foil with its 1750 (XL) carbon front wing is our best seller. Its configuration offers stability and performance that can be appreciated by experienced riders. This type of Mid Aspect front wing also offers manoeuvrability and a lot of forgiveness. It represents the best compromise between beginner and advanced levels.

Complete package for Wing foil with inflatable board



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