S-Foil High Aspect 950 Speed


Push your limits with the Speed range! This new 950 HA Speed foil with its small 240 stabilizer delivers incredible speed and glide in addition to ultra efficient pumping. From intermediate to pro level, this combo will be the best way to have fun in medium to strong wind and wave conditions.

Our High Aspect front kites have profiles with huge speed potential but are still accessible. In both wing foil and surf foil, they reward the rider with exhilarating acceleration and top speed with maximum cornering precision.

For those who want more forgiving and accessible High Aspect front wings but with interesting performance: Lift range.


All front wings are interchangeable on your S-Foil.

Perfects for wing foil, kite foil, wind foil and surf foil.

The S-Foil with the HA 950 cm² Speed fin is sold with its new adapted stabilizer: 240 cm².


Our Riders' Opinion

Jérome Pasquette, Olympic Windsurfer

“The 950 is the ultimate wingfoil, surf foil and downwind kite for moderate to strong wind and sea conditions. Acceleration, speed and carving are the keywords of this kite! The gliding sensation is increased tenfold while keeping control. This is the all-round kite for riders looking for performance in all conditions.” @jeromepasquette


The HA 950 Speed front wing combines phenomenal glide, crazy acceleration and early flight.

To achieve such good performance while maintaining accessibility, we have pushed the knowledge of foil profiles. An 80kg man can take off from 15 knots of wind with the Sroka 5m2 wing and the Sky Rider 5’2 board. All that remains is to discover its Vmax… and its only limit will be yours.

Very easy bto handle, the HA 950 Speed is a front wing with high aspect ratio, essential for wingfoil and surf foil for experienced riders. It allows you to follow the fastest waves and to go upwind efficiently. Its high aspect ratio allows for amazing pumping despite its surface.

Like all our kites, the High Aspect 950 Speed offers a perfect precision in the curves thanks to a very healthy and rigid set. Whatever your speed, you will have the feeling of a clean, stall-freelaunch.

Ideal for wing foil (advanced), kite foil, wind foil, surf foil (advanced, big waves, powerful swell, towed).

Recommended with :

  • 61cm fuselage (manoeuvrable configuration) or standard 68cm fuselage (speed configuration)
  • Stabilizer 240 (coming soon)
  • Sky Rider 4’8 – Sky Rider 5’5 – Fast Flyer 4’6

How to choose between the Classic and the High Aspect range?

Our two ranges (Classic and High Aspect) have fundamental differences that will affect your practice. Firstly, the overall shape of the fin is different. The High Aspect has a smaller camber, a wider span, a thinner profile and a smaller chord. This results in less drag and therefore better gliding and pumping efficiency. If we take an example: our HA 1190 Lift is slightly faster than our 1750 medium aspect front wing with slightly more lift than a 1500 Classic front wing. The profiles of the High Aspect range are also thinner, especially the Speed. The High Aspect profiles are therefore ideal for those looking for pumping efficiency, glide and lift, while those looking for more handling and stability in the corners will choose profiles with less aspect ratio.

With a High Aspect front wing underfoot, the efficiency of your pumping will be multiplied; it has never carried you so far with so little effort! You will also rediscover what it is to glide, and your speed records will fall one after the other.

For those who want to know more about the different Aspect Ratios, we offer a detailed article on the subject. All the technical details of our wings are available here.

explanations of the difference between a Mid Aspect, Low Aspect and High Aspect foil
High Aspect foil front fin

How do I choose between the Lift and Speed ranges? 

The Speed range offers racy fins designed for speed. Their low camber profile is combined with a rather thin leading edge and a small relative thickness. They provide a pure feeling of speed and acceleration. However, they require more technique to take off in light airs than the Lift. When pumping, they reward light and explosive riders with excellent speed. We recommend this range if you want to practice wing foil, kite foil, wind foil and surf foil.

The Lift range has been developed for versatility. The profiles are more cambered and carry better, at the expense of maximum speed. However, the Lift is more forgiving of slowdowns and leaning errors. Pumping is slower and more powerful. Overall, these kites are perfect for surfing and reconnecting waves endlessly and for light wind conditions in wing. This range is perfect for the big guys, and in general anyone who wants to surf foil, wing foil in small wind and wave conditions, but also downwind and wake foil.

What's new for S-Foil ?

The S-Foil has been improved. Technically, it is lighter, more powerful and more rigid, but also easier to handle. But its main innovation is elsewhere: it is now completely modular, and all its parts are interchangeable. With just one foil, you open up all the disciplines. Simple and quick to assemble, it allows you to get out on the water as quickly as possible to take advantage of its full potential.

Improved weight and stiffness

We’ve made many changes to make our S-Foil stiffer than ever before. Its wider deck, lighter mast and improved connection give the whole thing a high level of performance at a weight approaching that of a full carbon foil. We’ve adjusted the angle of incidence of each fin for a perfect balance of technique, glide and power.

wing foil jumping in Mauritius with Sroka equipment

Improved weight and rigidity

We have made many changes to make our S-Foil stiffer than ever. Its wider deck, lighter mast and improved connection give the whole thing a high level of performance at a weight approaching that of a full carbon foil. We’ve adjusted the angle of incidence of each fin for a perfect balance of technique, glide and power.

High quality construction

Our S-Foil is constructed from the finest materials. A high performance pre-preg carbon is combined with a marine grade T6061 aluminium used in aviation. This selection of materials combined with long developed hydrodynamic characteristics make the S-Foil Classic a model of performance and durability.

how to make your foil more manageable

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