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Our inflatable wingfoil packs are suitable for beginners and advanced riders who want to transport their equipment without difficulty.

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Find below our V3 wing for the practice of wing foil as well as the adapted pump and backpack (bag and leash included in the price of our Sroka V3 wing wing).

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Find below all our accessories for your wing foil equipment: fuselages, masts, adjustment wedges, leashes, screws, transport covers, pumps...

Imagine flying like a bird over water. We no longer surf the wave, but the swell! No need to wait for perfect conditions for surfing, all board sports with a wing Foil board open up an infinity of spots and sessions. No need to wait for the storm to experience sensations. Indeed, from 7 or 8 knots of wind, you can sail in Wingfoil, Windfoilor Kitefoil and you feel the most total expression of freedom.

The Foil is like an airplane flying underwater, which generates through its speed a hydrodynamic lift force that lifts the rider on its support. Indeed, like an airplane that uses the suction force of air molecules, the fin uses the suction of water molecules. The density is higher than that of air, which further increases the upward suction effect with speed. The fins are parallel to the board, while the mast is perpendicular, which allows you to act on your Foil by simply pressing your feet on the board. The support can be a foil board, a kitesurf twin tip, a Stand Up Paddle, a surfboard or a Wind Surf or Wind Foil board. Thanks to this, it is possible to fly over the swell, to move from one wave to another, partially or completely out of the water. In order to have all the keys in hand for a successful session, we invite you to discover all the operation of this tool in our category News & Tutorials.

The hydrofoil was originally on sailing boats, Éric Tabarly, a French navigator, was the forerunner of the concept! The concept then briefly appeared in towed surfing, before developing considerably on the Hawaiian and French coasts in the 2000s with Kite Foil, thanks in particular to Laird Hamilton, Paolo Rista and Dave Kamala. The foil has revolutionized all board sports, there is no doubt that this practice will be the trend for decades to come.

It has the undeniable advantage of offering the possibility of multiplying the number of waves surfed during a session ! Even in unsurfable conditions, you will be able to sail and surf. It adapts today to all disciplines, from offshore racing to board sports: the Kite Foil, the Surf Foil, the SUP Foil, the Wind Foil, the Wake Foil or Wing Foil, the latest in the world of boardsports.

Inspired by nature, we fly, surf, row with our products developed on the Brittany coast. Designed for you: quality products, at an affordable price, that last over time.

SROKA Company is a Breton brand developed by Bruno Sroka, 3 times world kitesurfing champion and the first man to have crossed Cape Horn by Kite. Born from the desire to share its passion while developing quality and durable products over time, SROKA Company manufactures sliding equipment such as Kitesurf and WindFoil, KiteFoil, SurfFoil, SUPfoil, WingFoil, and Stand-Up-Paddle inflatables. Our approach: to make sliding sports accessible, by offering the best products at the best price. This is why each of them is extensively tested and approved by our team on the Brittany coast.

Join the family of board sports enthusiasts. Welcome to Sroka.

The wingfoil, or wingsurf is the latest in board sports. We use a foil board (inflatable or hard) with a inflatable wing very light and a foil for fly over water and surf. The practice is at the crossroads of kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing. Very accessible, its modern form appeared around 2019 and is enjoying exponential popularity.

Wing foiling is a discipline that combines the sensations of surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing, while offering specific advantages. Here are some of the advantages of the wing foil:

  • Simple and light equipment: the wing foil is practiced with a board of foil and an inflatable wing that you hold at arm’s length. The equipment is easy to transport, inflate and store. It takes up little space and remains light.
  • Freedom and versatility on the water: the wing foil allows you to sail on all types of bodies of water, whether at sea, lake or river. It is possible to neutralize the wing in an instant and switch from wing foil practice to surf foil practice, which is the best feeling for us.
  • An accessible and fun practice: wing foiling is a discipline for all levels, from beginners to advanced. All you need is a minimum of balance and coordination to get started.
  • A workout for the whole body: the wing foil engages all the muscles of the body, including the abs, lats, arms and legs. It allows you to strengthen your muscles, your endurance and your flexibility.

As you will have understood, the wing foil is a sliding sport that has many advantages. If you want to learn or improve your wing foil, do not hesitate to consult our range of products wing foil, designed with quality materials and adapted to your needs, or consult our blog, where you will find tutorials for a start wing foil, buying guides, spot recommendations, or even all our news.

Even if the average speeds are lower than in kitesurfing and windsurfing, with the right equipment it becomes quite possible to exceed 20 or even 25 knots in wingfoil. For example, the top speed of our beginner 1750 front wing was measured at almost 20 knots. Our performance models like the 670 (coming soon) or the 950 High Aspect are much faster.

At first, you need a minimum of speed to go upwind in a wing foil. Once you’re at a steady cruising pace, tilt your shoulders back slightly and angle your board with light heel pressure. Step back and edge the Wing at the same time so that it is facing you. Keep your eyes on the course. The back foot may be a bit further back than compared to a crosswind position.

Be careful not to overboard the Wing or press too hard on the back foot: you then lose power and speed or you find yourself facing the wind.

Having a long mast (90cm) helps to go upwind, because you can take more angle with the foil.

The leash is an essential accessory for wing foil safety. You must have a kite leash and a board leash. The wing leash must be elastic so that it does not hurt your arm when you let go of the wing. It should be long enough to maneuver freely but should not drag in your face either. It is best to avoid leashes like those used in surfing, as they can hit you in the face when pumping. For the board leash, anything is possible as long as the accessory is solid (at least 6mm thick). If straight leashes work, prefer coiled (or phone) leashes that do not drag in the water, see hip leashes for ultimate comfort and safety.

Yes, you can surf in a wing foil. It’s even the best in the business. It is possible to go up to the peak while sailing without getting tired on the foil, then to jiber to catch a wave like in surfing. We then put the Wing in a neutral position by holding it by the handle on the leading edge, and all that remains is to enjoy pure surfing sensations!

To start in waves, we will look for undulations that do not break. The longer they are, the better. The ideal wave size to start in wing foil surfing is between 40 and 80cm approximately, then you can increase as much as the equipment and the level follow!

You can wing in all possible spots as long as they are secure. You must not leave with an offshore wind and an unfavorable current. Watch out for crowded spots. It is best to inquire beforehand. Otherwise, the spots are countless.

In the south, we have La grande Motte, La Ciotat, Pointe Rouge, Hyères… then the Basque country for those who like surf. The eastern lakes are not to be outdone with Annecy, Lake Geneva, Monteynard… The entire Atlantic coast is also full of spots, from La Baule to Belgium via Brittany, which offers both surfing and flat water. We have, for example, Carnac, the harbor of Brest, the Crozon peninsula…

Outside of France, the Canary Islands are a very fashionable destination with conditions that are always there and for all tastes. Check out the guides to the best wing foil spots here:

To discover all the new articles on the best wing foil spots, check out our blog and use the “destinations and spot” button to Refine your search.

At SROKA, we offer complete ready-to-use packs from from 1499 euros, including a wing wing, an inflatable wingfoil board, a foil and all the necessary accessories. Our products are designed with the best materials and the best construction on the market, to guarantee you optimal performance and maximum durability.

We also have other more expensive packs suitable for more experienced riders or thrill seekers. You can discover our entire range of wingfoil gear on our website or contact us for more information.