2020 S-Foil adapter fuselage and 2021 front wings

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Fuselage adapter between front wings 2021 and S-Foil 2020

This year, our front wing-to-fuselage connection system has changed to our new S-Foil for simplicity and rigidity. However, there was no question of leaving behind those who own a S-Foil 2020. For those who own a 2020 S-Foil, we offer this fuselage at cost price. It will allow you to keep your 2020 stabilizer, 2020 mast and 2020 top plate and take advantage of all the new foil front wings in the 2021 range and those to come, including the High Aspect and Classics.

Concerning the screws: 3 M8 screws in the front and 2 M6 screws for your 2020 stabilizer in the back.

WARNING: this fuselageisnot compatible with the S-Foil 2021 mastbut only with the S-Foil 2020 mast. If you are looking for a fuselage for the S-Foil 2021, check out our foil fuselage product page.

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