Surf Foil 4’6 Fast Flyer

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The FastFlyer 4’6 is the result of a year of testing and development by the SROKA teams to develop an easy and efficient board to practice Surf Foil but also Wake Foil.

This 4’6 (142cm) long by 21″ 1/2 (55cm) wide board with a volume of 40 L will fully satisfy all surfers who want to learn or move to the next level in Foil.

Designed by J.B. Marchand, shaper of the fastest windfoil in the world.

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Surf avec le pack wingfoil Sroka Company avec la planche de foil, le foil et la Wing Sroka

The Fast Flyer 4’6 : An unparalleled flying experience


A shape for performance

The compact and rounded shape combined with sufficient volume allows you to easily take off on all waves, even those that are not yet breaking for those who have a good paddle. Once in the air, the lightness and ideal positioning of the bodies allow for an unparalleled flying experience: a lot of control in the curves, excellent reactivity to pumping to accelerate. The bavels smooth out the water contact to keep speed and control when touching down, as does the double concave of the hull. The concave deck makes your footing more precise, improves your stability and refocuses you on the feeling.

planche de surf foil et de wingfoil performante. Planche idéale pour le jump en wing et en surf foil

A foil board to do everything

Thanks to its shape entirely optimized to offer you incredible flying sensations, the Fast Flyer will allow you to shine in several disciplines by its versatility. In foil surfing, it will be easy to access, pleasant to pump with a chunky shape, without being excessive to allow you to go for aggressive bottoms. It will offer you great freeride kitefoil moments. In Wingsurf, it will allow you to send jumps, jibes and surfs without any concession. The Fast Flyer 4’6 will also offer you unforgettable Wake Foil sessions!

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